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gail1055April 10, 2008

Hi everyone, I just finished some more fan blades and a sign. The fan blades are pretty much the same but each time I paint one I try to improve on it. I'm still busy trying to get caught up on all the orders I have for these. ;~) Gail

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Gail~ they all look great. I love how real that fruit looks in the first drink. Love that parrot dipping down too. The sign is simple and fresh...very pretty. So where are you getting all your fan blades? Are you just buying replacement blades somewhere? You are staying busy. How are people finding you to place orders? Just word of mouth? Keep it up and thanks for posting your lastest creations. ~Anj

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Anj, People show up at my door with fan blades. We live in a 55 plus community and word has gotten around that I paint fan blades. We went out for dinner the other night with some friends who live at a different 55 plus park and they showed up with a bag of fan blades. Their park had a rummage sale and tried to sell some old ceiling fans. Well they didn't sell so after the sale they took the fans apart to recycle all the parts but they threw away the blades. So my friend asked for them and gave them to me. It's really funny how this whole thing has just exploded. It's all just word of mouth. Another friend just bought one for the cable guy. He was at their house installing their phone and saw hers. So she had me paint him one. It's been a riot. ;~) Gail

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Hi Gail, nice to hear from you. Boy, you sure are painting things quickly. Glad you are enjoying it, and it seems so are many of your neighbors and friends. I loved hearing the story about the fan blades. All three of your projects are really pretty as always. How much longer will you be in Florida? Luvs

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