Spring Stack

anjabeeMarch 17, 2009

Ok, here is my ugly little project. This was originally a little blackboard that I got at the TS. I don't know why, but I was just off my painting game and not feeling it with this one. Hoping I do better this Friday when I get to paint again. The kids like it so I guess it isn't a total waste. ha This pattern is from Bless Your Heart 7 by Dianna Marcum.

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Anj, I think your Spring Stack is adorable and I love the way you framed it. Just to cute. Nice job on all of it. It was so wonderful to come here tonight and find two projects posted. Now I gotta go see what Luvs been up to.


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Anj, it turned out cute and as always, your lettering is so good. We all have times when our projects just don't turn out the way we wanted them to, so don't feel badly. Bet one of the kids will love having it in their room. ;o)


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Thanks you guys....but in the words of my oldest DD when she was little.....I can't yike it! ha Can't find anything I want to paint on Friday yet. I'll keep looking. I know there is a book with some bunnies somewhere I want to cut out. Can't remember which book they are in.

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Ah! Anj...........It made me smile! They kind of have worried looks on their faces - kind of like....I hope I don't melt and I hope my shell doesn't break and I don't sit like this - my knees are shaking and my flat feet don't fit this big round thing very well! I love it!


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Sooo very cute! made me smile also, and of course think of spring! its cold here today, hard to think of spring, but your painting sure helped.

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Thanks ya'll. Glad it gave ya'll a smile. The kids like it so it'll be sticking around at least for this year. May find something to paint over it later. =) ~Anj

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Hi, Anj

I think it's cute. The pix without the frame seems very light without much contrast. But it looks like you added more blue around the edges before framing?

Your paining looks great - you are so good at accurate lines. I think it's just different from what you usually do. Hope it grows on you, since your kids and the rest of us like it, smile!

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Thanks CC~ It was a framed chalkboard so that's just the way it came. I actually bought two at the TS (my favorite place to buy things to paint on). The blue is not that noticable in real life, but it sure showed up bright in the picture didn't it? It's just shaded around the edges. I think a different background would have made a difference to me.
My youngest likes the animals so she's been moving it all around the house. Never know where it's gonna pop up. ha ~Anj

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Cute as can be!! I am happy, happy, happy that spring is here!!!

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