Metal flower pocket

luvstocraftMarch 26, 2009

Saw this design by Judy Diephouse in my current issue of Quick and Easy Painting. I realized that I had a metal pocket that it might work for so I dug my pocket out of the storage shed today and painted it.

As always, mine isn't exactly like the original, but it was a fun design to paint and I think I may use it on other things.


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Luvs, This is the perfect spring project! Great job on painting the bird and flowers. What are you going to put in it? Did you add the green to the pocket or did it come that way? Sooooo Cute. Keep up the good work. Punk

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Luvs........just found this on the other forum and Wow! As I said there, this would also make a good container for bird nesting material as well as some pretty spring flowers.

Great Job!


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Oh I love it! Perfect for spring!! Where's it going and what's going in it? Tell all. ha That little bird is the cutest! You did such a good job on him. The feathers are great! ~Anj

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This is so cute. Do you paint every day? Luvs, you did a great job. The bird looks so perky, and the flowers are pretty. Is this going on your front door?

What other possibilities are lurking in your storage shed? This is a darling flower pocket. I haven't seen anything like it.

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Hi All,

Punk, I found this pocket at the TS already with that nice mottled green finish. Had thought I'd do a Christmas design on it, but never got it done. It was just the right size for this design, so all's well that ends well, right? ;o)

Belle, I saw your comment on the other forum. Great idea to leave nest making bits for the birds. I used to have a square wire thing that hung from a tree and it would open and you could puts bits of thread and such in it, then the birds could pull them out to take for their nests. Forgot to bring it along when we moved. If birds like dog fuzz, they could have the softest nests ever with the amount my two goldens shed each day. LOL

Anj, I never seem to know what I'm going to use things for--I just paint the design because I like it! LOL This may end up on my side garage door with some faux flowers in it. I read the instructions a couple of times, and have to say that the little bird really wasn't as hard as I'd feared! Guess the secret is to just take it step by step to do the harder stuff, right?

CC, no, I don't paint everyday, but I've been trying to get myself in there more often so I'll have things to share here. I love this forum, and am always afraid people will quit coming by if it gets too slow here. I'm just so tickled that we seem to have several "regulars" now. ;o)

Not sure what's next, maybe a Fall pattern I'm dying to try, or maybe some Christmas things or yard signs that I can take as gifts for some of the family when we go to the family reunion this summer.


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Luvs, that's right, all's well that ends well! I have a couple of Judy Deiphouse's book's I think and do like her painting. Again, great choice on this pattern and it's wonderful that it came with the background ready for you to paint your project on.
I hope you keep challenging yourself with harder projects cuz I for one know you are capable of painting anything you want to paint. Keep up the good work knowing I love to keep inspired. Punk

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