Santa with Roses

phonegirlMarch 28, 2009

Finished my santa with roses I have wanted to get painted for months so maybe it's a good thing I don't feel good today. He is about 2' tall. It is in the book "Budding Blessing & Frosty Faces by Michelle Almeida. I've painted alot from her books, simple yet fun projects. I am still working on snowmen from this book. Punk

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He's very sweet Punk, love the pink and the roses. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Seems to be allot of that going around. Luvs

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Thanks Luvs for the sweeeeet comment. Thanks again for keeping on top of things here. I haven't had much time to paint until today so enjoyed being able to almost complete two of my projects. If I felt better I would stay up tonight but this sore throat is going to take some nurturing I guess to get rid of so better call it a night. Punk

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A pink Santa! How novel - this is a great idea; a new twist on an old theme. He is very cute. Hope you are feeling better.

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CC thanks, I'm glad you liked the pink santa. I Love Pink and definitely like the idea you can paint santa any color you want now days. I painted this pretty close to the colors that are in the book. I have a shelf sitter out of this book that is also pink so I'll try to get one painted.

My company ended up coming and the roads are better. They only stayed a couple of hours. The apples are beautiful and I hope I can get an apple pie made. Don't know why I've been wanting hot apple pie but it just sounds good.


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What a cutie. Love the rose buttons. What color pink is that? I think I need to add it to my collection?
Sorry you still aren't feeling well. We need some spring! Apple pie does sound like some good comfort food. My mom made a peach cobbler for our dinner Sat and it was sooooo good. mmmm I'm off to see if there was any left. ha You are not good for my waistline. ha ~Anj

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Anj, I mixed my own pink for his coat. I used Apple Barrel Light Pink and Folk Art white. I wanted a color I didn't have so made my own. I have Folk Art Patriot Light but it was to light of pink. Funny that you like the pink and it is a mixed color. I have 300-400 paints and you busted me on this. LOL If you look at the apple barrel pink you will be able to see that it is just a few shades lighter. The buttons are Apple Barrel Dusty Mauve if you care.

Your peach cobler sounds wonderful. Maybe we better not talk food on here and stay to painting. haha I love sweets like pie, cake and desserts the most.


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Punk.......Having been a redhead and told that you can't wear pink, pink is one of my favorite colors...that said...I love your pink Santa! Everything about his is adorable.

And isn't is frustrating when you have so many colors to choose from you can't find just the right one!!!!!

Thanks for sharing!


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Belle, thanks so much for your comment. I think you should wear pink if you like it cuz there's a reason you like it. I always feel better when I wear red or bright colors but tend to wear alot of black and gray.LOL

I'll have to post a picture of my paint rack DH made me and I still have paint on top of it in drawers and on the entereainment center. Punk

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Yes, please show us your paint rack your DH made. I've tried to quit buying paints and trying to use up some of my old ones--but it's so hard when you walk down the isle at Michael's and they've got a good brand like Americana on sale for 77 cents a bottle! (Or if you see a pretty color and just know you NEED it for your stash!) LOL


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