any reason not to have glass cabinet over hood?

rjkidwilerMay 6, 2013

Hi all - I am thinking of putting glass cabinets on cabinets over the hood - hopefully the picture shows what it would look like. Is there any reason not to do this? I have been looking at pictures and don't see any so far where this has been done and I'm wondering if it's just coincidence or if there is a reason for it. My hood will vent through the wall so won't be going up into the cabinets. I am not going to go with microwave over range after reading advice on this site - hopefully that was the right choice?

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My GC said it would be a pain to clean and a grease collector. That's why we didn't do it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

If you don't mind cleaning it, go for it.

My hood has ducts and such above so we have the solid door front instead.

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Sophie Wheeler

"Through the wall" usually means up through the cabinet above and then a 90ð turn to the outside. Better check the specs of the hood that you plan to use. Plus, as others mentioned, that's one of the dirtiest places in a kitchen.

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We have duct work above our hood that we are installing so we are going with solid wood above as well.

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I would double check about the vent. Any that I have seen must go up first into the cabinet and then into the wall. If you have a good vent there should be no grease on the glass.

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Also the outlet and cord for the microwave is usually in that cabinet.

I am not sure it adds to the design to have the alternating glass and solid doors. It just makes me notice that the bottoms go up and down and that the cabinets are different sizes more than I would if they were all solid.

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If you're going to do glass doors, do them on the other run. They don't work there either functionally or stylistically. And if those are 24" cabinets, they should be double doors for both the uppers and lowers. A single 24" door is always in your way as it swings way into the aisle.

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And, yes, you were right to not put the MW over the oven if you don't have to. It will be much easier to reach where you've planned it and the vent you install will be a better vent than the one that comes with the MW.

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I think you've got enough going on there without them but they don't make much sense, to me, function or looks, to have the short cabinets glass. If I were to do them anywhere it would be the larger doors flanking the range but that's a no no too, supposedly, due to grease from the range, and it might still look cluttered with all the equipment so close. And you might need the closed storage.

What's going on on elsewhere in the kitchen. Maybe there's a spot on another wall where you could highlight glass doors.

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My broan hood vents directly out the back, If your hood has enough cfm it should take care of the grease if you use it. What is the difference between greasy cabinets and greasy glass? At least I can see the glass needs cleaned. It may not get cleaned, but I can see it !ðÂÂÂ

I am having the glass put in my cabinets today. Will post when I actually use the range top with the glass in. Peke

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I like your MW placement and can see why you would want to do this - but remember the MW also vents steam back into the kitchen and it rises as well.

Peke - I had to laugh when I read your response. So true(see below about my old MW)

My Broan also vents directly outside, so no bends.
I know my old MW over range was really grungy when we got rid of it.

I also would check your local codes - you may be required to use tempered glass above a range for heat. i know some codes require tempered glass for backsplash behind a cooktop but I do not know about above a hood.

What is your CFM for your hood?

I would like to see the other half of the kitchen. We went with one glass cab (coincidentally right where our old range and MW was before the reno - but now it is just cabinets.

One other thought - with your big square tiles and the same style for your glass - how about considering a glass without the trim - I think a plain or lightly seeded glass would add character without it looking matchy matchy. This is coming from someone who still dresses like a garanimal (and I predate the era)

Looking good and can't wait to hear what you decide.

Bottom line: If it meets code and you like it - go for it

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A2, so nice to know I am not the only one. My husband refuses to use a lid when using the microwave. I have given up on cleaning it every time he uses it. Now I clean it weekly....or every 2 weeks, .....or is it every 2 months....I forget. It might be easier to just buy a new microwave. ðÂÂÂ

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