Old Paintin' Bunny

phonegirlMarch 6, 2010

Came across this bunny today so thought I'd share an old project with all of you. I sure enjoy seeing all of your projects and can't seem to find time any more to paint.


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Ohhh. This just make me want to giggle. It is cute and happy and...yep...that's it...gotta go now... I have this urge to paint.


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what a cutie! Looks like it would make you smile each time you look at it. It's great your business is doing so good, but sure sad for us that you have no time to paint! ;o( Maybe things will even out a bit soon and you can get back to doing a few things--we enjoy having you come by to comment and chat too, so don't feel pressured to have to paint. Luvs

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Joan, woohoo, I can hardly wait to see your next project. Did you get it finished yet? Glad you enjoyed it.

Luvs, thanks so much for being such a sweetie and understading my crazy life. I can only look forward to retirement and then who knows what I'll be doing if I'm like you. You seem to do so many things and still find time to paint. Maybe I can follow your footprints.


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Punk....she is adorable! The fur looks so soft and those big feet! Just can't look at her without smiling!!!

Thank You for sharing....missing you


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Happy, happy, happy!! That's how she makes me feel.

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That's sweet Punk. Very cute little fluffy. =)

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