Spring Wagon

anjabeeMarch 30, 2009

Here is my latest project. I really like prim and this project has a crow. This was in a June 1997 Decorative Woodcrafts magazine that was given to me by a friend. It was designed by Jeri Francis and Kim Meyer. As usual, my picture taking skills need improving, but you get the idea. Oh, and I noticed that I forgot to do the speckling so I'll have to go back and do it tonight. ~Anj

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Anj, that is darling. Great job on painting down to the little sprigs of grass. Do you have a special place you plan on displaying it? Amazing how we can think Spring with all the snow still coming. I started a bunny but can't seem to want to paint on it.

Now seeing your little birdies makes me think I should try to get it finished before Easter. I done my nails in a hurry so I could come here and get motivated apparently. haha


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Oh, can you see the grass Punk? ha It didn't show up very good in the picture. I have it on one of those like plate holder stands in my living room. It's nice to welcome a little spring into the decor especially when it's still snowing outside. ha As long as you don't look out at it you can try to forget it. =) Hope you get motivated to do your bunny. I'm looking for a new spring project to get done before Easter sneaks up on me.

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Anj, that's a cute pattern and perfect to display on an easel--I love the little bird in the back of the wagon doing his own thing by looking the other way!

Do you know who Kim Klassen is? Everytime I see one of her designs, I think of you because she does allot of the cute primitve designs.

Punk, does the fact that you are doing your nails mean that you've started to feel a little better. Sure hope so.


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Anj, your grass came through just fine for me to see and I thought it was great. I'm not into much primitive painting but if you keep showing yours I may have to change my way of thinking. LOL I like it, not sure why I don't paint more as I have several books that are prim. I used to have a client that I painted alot of the primitive for and since I don't sell any more I just got out of it.

Luvs, can't say that I feel better but my nails were looking pretty bad so had to take the time to redo. Their acrylic, so two weeks is about all I can do without a fill. I do enjoy only having to do them every two weeks and DD will be here tonight so she can airbrush them for me when I'm done with my client. Hope you two keep painting so I can come here and enjoy.


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Anj........forget the speckling it looks just great the way it is! I love the crow's looooooong legs..how fun! You did a really great work on the whole piece. What a fun way to brighten a room! Like Punk, I'm not into primitives all that much, but this might just change my mind.

Thanks for sharing!


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I'm glad ya'll enjoyed it. I like it. Had several good comments from family who have noticed it.

Luvs~ I was just looking at Kim Klassens website this week. I was looking at her saltbox houses for painting that redo I'm working on. Thinking of ordering both of her books since I've never seen them in stores here. May try to find them on ebay or somewhere else cheaper.

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Darn Anj, now you've done it! I didn't even know she had a website, so I went to take a peek. Love her teapot and teacup design from one of her books. I don't NEED to buy more books! I've got so many designs already on hand that I want to paint. Now I've got the same "disease" my little GD always says she has--it's called the "I want that!" disease! LOL


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Hi, Anj This is darling. I love the vivid colors. I can see why this design is "converting" people; it is captivating. Using a plate stand is a good idea.

PS - Sorry for the late comments. It seems some of you are on the west coast or in that time zone.

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That's ok colorcrazy....we don't have a time limit on compliments. =D Glad you liked it. You called it right though, there are a couple of us that are "out west" as they say.

Luvs, sorry!! Thought you already knew about the site. All we need is more projects to add to our mile long lists, right?? ha But you know certain things that aren't appealing to you now may strike a cord the next time you look thru your patterns. You never know what's gonna pop out at you. So one more book can never hurt! hehe! I'm the devil, you know that right? ha

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Anj, on the Holiday forum we call people like you "enablers"--always tempting us to buy more, get more, do more, etc. LOL

And, yes, there are so many things I notice and like in looking at some of my old books now that I didn't even pay attention to when they were new! Our tastes do evolve and change.

And boy are you ever right about those "mile long lists"! I just finished painting my little leaf and acorn tray, just need to seal it and I think I will use the Old English polish over it, then seal it again. This one was a little more scuffed up than the last one I painted. It should be ready for it's "debut" by tomorrow afternoon or evening hopefully.

Looking forward to seeing your next project. Is it Friday yet?????? Just teasing.


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