Pink Santa

luvstocraftMarch 2, 2010

Not all projects turn out as good as we would like. I tend to only show the ones I'm happy with--but sometimes we learn more from our "not so good" projects than we do from our best ones.

I decided to go ahead and share this Santa even though I'm not completely happy with him. I've never really painted faces, but thought he was cute so gave it a try. I think I may paint another one because I'd rather do one stroke rosebuds around him--I just couldn't get these to look right, they were just blobs with comma strokes--but I'm not happy with them at all. My fault, not the patterns. I didn't quite get the eyes right either--but at least I gave it a try and will try again I think. I really like the pink suit and the idea of the roses around him. I need to take lessons from Bebe or Punk on how to do Santa beards so they really look like hair! LOL This was painted on a paper mache box I found for 99 cents at the TS.


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pezabelle! you chose a different piece this time. Lots of roses and leaves. But then, the edges frame Santa very well.

The suit is shaded so well, and I love how you have done his nose and cheeks, something I have trouble with every time. I also have trouble with beards or hair, guess we are just to picky!

Thanks for sharing!


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Luvs, your Santa is so cool. I too love the pink and roses. Don't be so hard on yourself. Keep painting them and you'll figure out what you want. I think you could do one stroke roses and they would be fine. You are just use to fancier roses than what these are.

You've done an excellent job and I think painting on this is harder than painting on wood. Come and see me and WE can paint together.LOL Not that I could teach you anything!!!


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I see nothing wrong with him as he is. Of course your one-stroke roses are really prettier, but I've seen this kind on lots of things too and they look the same as you have them painted so I think you did them right. You are just used to fancier! ha I like the colors you chose. They are just right and I think the beard and the fur on the coat look fantastic. I've painted papier mache before too and I've found that it soaks in the paint like crazy. Did you have that problem or did you spray it with anything first? It's really cute.

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Hi Anj, I didn't even think about spraying on a bit of Krylon 1311, that might have been a good idea. It really didn't give me any problems though. Glad you like him, I really liked the colors. Not sure what I'll use it for--just painting because I wanted to paint! LOL


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Again you chose different colors for Christmas and it works so well.

I know how you feel when a project just isn't quite what we hoped it would be. No matter how much others may say it is good, in my eye, if it isn't what I expected, I always want to redo it. That is when I get into trouble. Redo, rework, a touch here a shade there and pretty soon it IS a true mess.

Your box is just fine. If you want to do another one differently, okay, it will then be different. This one will still be just fine.

Thanks for sharing and for giving me the courage to paint in unexpected colors.

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Awww! What sweet comments Joan, thank you. I don't hate it, but will make changes if I do it again. I do love the colors on it. Luvs

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Oh I love him he fits right in to shabby chic.. Very cute

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Jude3044, welcome to the forum. Thanks for the nice comment on my santa--I was very surprised when I saw him towards the top of the posts again! LOL So did you just find us? You will have fun browsing all the pics in our gallery and there are some on the discussion side as well. Please join in with comments, ideas, suggestions, and pics of your projects too. Luvs

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