Winter snow ladies

luvstocraftMarch 2, 2010

I've wanted to paint these gals since 2006, so decided to get them done finally. I think there are too many snow flakes--makes the background too busy, so if I paint another one, I'll do less. Hope their happy faces make you smile. ;o) Luvs

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Luvs....your ladies are way cool! The lace on the very happy sign is just great and the noses on you ladies....I hate seeing carrots all the time.

It is busy but the snow flakes fit right in. The flowers on the hat are just plain great and the eyes are so expressive.

Thanks for letting us take a peek.


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Luvs, your snow ladies are darling and I love the colors. Not so traditional and just great. I like the snowflakes, sometimes a busy background make the other things stand out more.
I agree with Belle on the eyes and lace. Thanks so much for sharing.


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How cute! Snow ladies! ha Well, this would cheer me up in the middle of a dismal winter. I love the colors and I really like your rose and flowers on the middle lady's hat. The bow on green girls jacket is awesome too. I can never do those very well. Great job and glad you can finally check that one off your list! ha ~Anj

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Your are so right...these snow ladies put a big ole smile on my face. So cute!! All that snow falling around them, and yet they smile and share the joy of the day. Love the colors, the details and well... the whole dang thing.


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Glad you liked them Joan. I may use this design a few more times for some gifts for friends next Christmas. I really need something like this with four ladies since there are four of us who meet for lunch regularly. Might have to just do a bit of "designing" on my own and add another lady! Wish me luck with doing that--I'll need it! LOL


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As usual, I forgot to come over on the gallery side and check out what everyone is doing. Luvs, these are so cute. The snow flakes don't bother me, I was more intent on looking at the cute faces.

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PF, I think allot of people probably come by the discussions side and think nothing there is no activity. I think the gallery was created back when this forum was super busy so the pictures would stay around longer since all the posts eventually drop off. If there is lots of discussions going on, that can happen quickly!

I've been thinking allot about this lately and wondering how everyone one here would feel about just posting on the discussions side? I'm thinking maybe we could attract more members if this forum seemed busier. I hope Anj, Belle, Punk and CT will weigh in with their opinion on this.

Glad you remembered to come over here--don't forget about the conversation side too. It's always nice to hear what's going on in everyone's lives. ;o)


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Luvs......I'm with you, I would rather look in two places than three. And the "exchange" page could just a well be on the discussions page as well, don't know about you but I forget it's there.


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Hey, I'm fine with whatever ya'll want to do on that. Just let me know. =)

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