springtime bunnies

luvstocraftMarch 17, 2009

Here's a little sign I just finished. Not sure yet if it's going on a stake or will just have a hanger hook attached to the back. Luvs

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Aw, how cute....Bunnies in the clover. It would look cute hanging down from 2 chains on a sign post if you have one. However you decide to display it, it's really fun and just in time for spring! I think you could leave that up even after Easter. Look at your pretty green grass. Mine is all still brown with just a few sprigs of green.
So glad to come by and have a new pretty to look at. My little spring project is out drying from getting sealed. I'll take a picture in a few minutes and post it.

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Luvs, Your bunnies are precious hiding in the clover patch. I think it will look good either way you want to display it. I do like Anj's idea of hanging down from two chains with the shape of it. I still haven't finished my ginger so I know it's hard to accomplish everything we want to. I'm hoping I'll get the sign done before this Christmas. LOL

I can't seem to get started on any bunnies so I don't think I'll have any new ones this year at our house. I hope you and Anj keep painting and I'll just enjoy yours.


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Luvs......Viewed these on the Holiday Side and again they are just wonderful! I can see these just above my front door bell. What a welcome! And as to the "grass" our is just plain "soggy!"


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Luvs, these are so cute. I love the colors - spring green and pink, with the bunnies in the center. They have such cute little pink noses and ears! The clover flowers look so pretty but complicated - I'm trying to figure out how you did them.

Your grass looks nice, too. Ours is not nearly as green yet - maybe when all the weeds come out, LOL!

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Glad you liked this one, Belle. It was fun to do. We just got some more rain here too, I'm always thankful for the rains since we tend to get drought conditions here in the summer months.

Colorcrazy, not complicated at all--I DON'T do complicated! LOL Just a small brush and short, straight strokes of ivory on top of the pink undercoat. Glad you liked it. My grass is just starting to really green up now, we don't sow rye or anything to keep it green all winter, although it does stay mostly green. I figure letting it go dormant for the winter gives me a break from the weekly chore of mowing it! LOL


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Love the bunnies!You did a great job. When I was growing up my family raised rabbits, so we always had bunnies for pets, and I still love them!

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