Welcome Sign

phonegirlMarch 15, 2008

Welcome sign I painted for the outside of our home.

Image link:

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I commented on the discussion side, but just want to add here that you did a very nice job on this, and it is such a pretty piece too. Luvs

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That's a great piece! Now did you buy it with doing the painting in mind, or was it something you already had that you decided to improve?? I love it! Never seen one like it! ~Anj

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Just discovered this site and love all your pics. I tolepaint and have a small sale in my home at Christmas. Hope I get some good ideas from you all. I get together with a friend regularly to work on stuff. In the middle of a snowstorm at the moment so went on line searching tolepainting. Glad I did.

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Welcome to you Kim! We are glad to have you here. Hope you will share some of your projects with us. There are more pics over on the Discussion side of this forum and also we chat some over on Conversations so feel free to jump in. If you need help with posting pics or anything else just ask, we'll be happy to assist! ~Anj

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Thanks. As soon as I get my camera working again (won't download) I will post some pics. I will need lots of help when the time comes. K

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Anjabee and Kim, I found this while shopping and knew right off that I wanted to paint something in the inside so I'd have something new for our deck. I don't have enough time to be as creative as most of u but I hope some will be able to get some use out of what I do contribute. Post pics as it's my R & R time. (Rest & Relaxing) Not that some R&R wouldn't do that also.

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