Wooden Christmas Stockings

anjabeeMarch 11, 2011

Found a bag of these wooden Christmas stockings at the TS. Five for $1. Here is what I decided to do with them. I painted this one to see if I liked it and will paint the rest the same. What do you think?? This pattern is by Jo Avis Moore from the book Moore Miniatures.

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Anj, I really like the stocking and the pattern is perfect for it. Will you be giving these as presents? You did a beautiful job shading! I like the cuts on the sides of the stocking. It adds so much to it.


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Anj.....what a find! And what a wonderful stocking you added to the wood sock. Love how you followed the theme of the shape in you choice of stocking to paint. Ditto to everything Punk added above!!!!!!!!!

Glad you are painting again!


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I was thinking of maybe putting these in a boutique I'm doing in the fall. I think it may need something at the top on the wood part. Is it too plain? Maybe something to make it look like a stocking painted on a stocking if that makes sense. Some kind of trim at the top? Probably not explaining it right. ha Was the little gold glitter ok?? Glad y'all like it and glad to be painting again too!! I can tell I'm out of practice!

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Anj, those are unique little wooden stockings. Your pattern fits on it perfectly. Have you thought about rubbing it with some antiquing? (Make sure you spray matte sealer on first.) And maybe just attach a rusty jingle bell at the top. Just an idea, you always come up with just the right thing. Luvs

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I love that idea Luvs! That is exactly what it needs. Thank you!!

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