passive aggressive

wild_thingFebruary 18, 2009

Just another issue I wanted to bring up. This is the one that drives me nuts.

Sd acts all innocent and yet she pulls all these little PA acts and thinks we don't know whats going on.

It is purely a control issue for her.

Because our house is run with boundaries and rules, and her mom's house is not, she feels that this is the way to deal with it.

The one lately that she has been using is with her ONE chore.

It is one chore! We have her do the dishes and wipe off the counters, you know...keep the kitchen tidy.

Wellllll.....that is just toooo much for her. Once a day. Too much.

She has been doing only the dishes and leaves the counters with all the crumbs etc.

As for helping with anything else around the house....forget about it. It never happens. Even if we ask.


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LOL - Sd can be the same way. She has the same one chore, and if there is something more pressing to get to the dishes will get loaded and the rest of the kitchen ignored. Usually if I go up and prod her once she'll get to it, but if we have a run where she's neglected to finish the job I'll have her leave her cell downstairs with me until she's properly finished. The urge to text soon becomes to much and the kitchen can sparkle in minutes. If she isn't pissy when first prodded to complete the job often I'll sit at the bar and chat with her while she works - it gives her something to do so she's not bored, and it's also a good time for us to chat.

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