How large should a guest room be?

sandy808June 25, 2010

If I'm not trying to shoehorn a large sewing room into my floor plan, but instead have a room that can house an overnight adult child or a grandkid, what dimensions would be nice? I'm thinking a double bed with a small nightstand. Perhaps a small dresser that I inherited. A room that is comfortable and gracious, but won't entice someone to overstay their welcome.

I almost hate having a dedicated guest room, but maybe a desk and computer could fit in there as well. Should I be thinking more in terms of a couch that pulls out into a bed instead of a full size bed?

My other question is should I have a full bath rather than half bath (this is in addition to our master bath....two toilets are a must, IMHO)? Maybe I could leave space in a half bath to put a shower in at a later date if I want? I can always fill a "blank" space with a nice cupboard.

You have all helped me so much in this process, and I greatly appreciate it. (Wait until I need help with my kitchen :))


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I think the double bed. if none of your adult kids are married yet, they might be down the road. also, you never know when you or dh might be sick and one of you needs to sleep somewhere else - so not to be disturbed by someone who can't sleep, or catch something from them.

I think the small dresser would be a good thing so the guest has a place to put their meds, hair brush, dayplanner, makeup bag etc.

It'll be cheaper to have plumbing done while other plumbing is being done. might as well put in a shower - unless you don't mind someone else using your mstr bath.

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Bunk bed or double bed is definitely a good idea

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Hmm, I see the table guy found this thread too. Registered under another name today.

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Dimensions of a guest room? I think about 10 x 10 would serve the purpose. Even our main bedroom in our house is 12 x 12 and I consider it spacious.

You can make the 10 square room something special, using it only as a guest room should you so choose, by leaving the bed to consume most of the space. Then instead of a mere bedside table, a small low chest with two or three drawers would keep the space emptier than a table AND chest. You might have room for TWO small chests, and a pair of lamps.

I think this room might be also dual function, but easier to achieve if you do a horizontal Murphy bed. Or a sofabed. Then devote the closet space to your office acoutrements so you might just close the doors on it when the room functions for guests. Still, a small chest is always preferable, IMHO, because of the storage.

I'm also into small is beautiful and agree that doing the groundwork for the guest bath NOW is the best use of your money. If you do the plumbing, the addition of a prefab shower unit (maybe a corner unit) will be an easy addition at your leisure. I think you will never regret planning for this addition, but you probably woud regret NOT planning for it.

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Well I am going to add this and before you all get the EEEWWWW factor going I had a plan.

Remember I said I made the master bath large for when we get older and might need help in the bath for all sorts of things. Got to measuring the room this morning and it is 8 1/2 and a little by 12 1/2. The one end has vanity and shower. The other is open space if I removed the furniture.

It would be possible to place a twin bed in there. With folding screen around the toilet. That side of the room is 8 1/2 by 8 1/2. Toilet is in corner against shower wall. I know it would seems a bit weird and yes it would be but consider if a person were having trouble getting up and down or over to bath room. Our master bedroom is 14 1/2 by 12 1/2. This would make it easier and close and with the folding screen you would not be seeing it or have it in your face kind of thing. There is a nice opening window and the room is light and bright. There is a door to outside from the room if one of us needed to be transported to the hospital.

I guess I am considering we are all we have for each other. We have no kids or family to help. We really hope to stay in our home as long as possible and care for each other. Although it is not the ideal situation. It is a way to make something work if needed. I know if I had trouble walking it would be a situation I could live with and be grateful for. Thinking grab rail on the wall between bed and potty.

Also remembering back when I was a kid with fractured pelvis. Laying in bed and having to get to the bathroom to pee. The room I had had an attached bathroom. And in reality I bet it was only 10 -12 foot to the toilet. But with the pain I was in it might as well have been a mile. The upside was the person that owned the house before my family was in a wheel chair and there were grab bars in the bathrooms. They are wonderful things when a person needs them.

People put those potty chairs in bedrooms all the time.And this would have the advantage of no added clean up the sink to use too.

Soooooooooooooooo This goes back to how large a room or space is needed for guest room. Well 8 1/2 is enough for a twin bed. Would be small. And again my sewing room guest room is 9 by 13.


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"EEEWWWW factor "

You won't get that from me - I totally know the need. I broke my kneecap back in 2001 and man getting up and down was painful.

and then the other yr when I got food poisoning.

I see how handy that would be...

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Shades, you are right on, buddyro.
No EWWWWWW here either.
And with all the space one room, you might be able to move the bed closer to the john very easily. Also pull up a chair, maybe add a chaise lounge for a sitter. It kind of reminds me of a hospital room in the dimensions.

I'm also thinking about the hospital tracks which they mount on the ceilings. The first 2 feet or so is just ball chains, so the air conditioning is not obstructed, after that is cotton sheeting like hospital scrubs. Easy to take down, easy to wash.

You've got it planned to perfection.
Today I turned 73. And I was thinking that my mother died when she was 84. So that gives me 11 years and who knows what might go wrong in the meanwhile...especially since I have diabetes and that kills your kidneys and heart and sensation in your feet and hands. your liver, your eyesight. Mercy, what doesn't it affect!!! I told my DH today that we'd better get busy and finish all the projects so we could enjoy the time we have left. I do so wish we had the 50 years together that we lost because my mother did not like Catholics. Think of all our little unborn babies.

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