My Laundry Room Lizard

colorcrazyFebruary 3, 2009

The laundry room is slowly going to a Key West theme. This is a lizard that was on an outside wall in Sarasota FL.

I enlarged the photo, cut it out, and drew it on the wall, then painted it. After I compared photos, I realized it had blue eyes (didn't show up on the photocopy) so have repainted the eyes.

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CC, Great job on that. If you hadn't of already repainte his eyes you could of told everyone it was his cousin.haha How big is it? Keep painting and posting that's what makes us the happiest here. Punk

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Thanks. It is 22 inches tall and almost 8 inches wide.

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Oh my gosh.......that is sooo dang cute!!! I actually like your version better. I like the way you did the skin better. You are gonna get a smile out of that every time you look at that little feller. Thanks for showing it to us. =) ~Anj

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ColorCrazy....may I call you CC?

Anyway....I like Him! I like Him! And I like the green eyes better, they blend nicely. I like his toes - did you add dots to him? Such a fun little guy to welcome you into a never ending "cycle" of washing.


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I agree, he is so cute! Love that long curly tail and his cute toes! You are gonna have a very unique laundry room! You really did a nice job painting him, how did you get that neat textured pattern for his skin? It's perfect and like Anj said, better than the original. Are you going to do more painting in your laundry room? Sure hope so, love seeing your work. Luvs

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Thanks, Luvs. First I did light green zig-zaggy horizontal stripes with a dry brush. Then I decided it needed more texture and used a wooden gizmo with metal points/balls on each end and added the dark green dots. That took FOREVER, so I sat on a stool and just dotted away. Also added a little sparkly green paint, but just a little.

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lol! that is so cute! what a quirky looking lizard!!! man... the work on the body is very very detailed... well done!

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