Stencilled Wisteria in Kitchen

colorcrazyFebruary 13, 2009

This was the original kitchen wall when the house was built in 1938. In the 50s, the previous owners bumped out the kitchen. We took away the cabinet on this wall, as it seemed to close the kitchen off. (The stove on the right of the pix is in the new area.) What to do with a bare wall? Paint it, of course! This was done about 12 years ago; long before I took up decorative painting. If I did it again, the wisteria trunk would be more curvy.

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What a great idea to fill a blank wall. You did a great job on it, I especially love the kitties. Luvs

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What a great way to make your home "your home!" And you included more than just the stenciling...a hummer, and several bird and the cats...but the bark on the vines isn't just the stencil either - you added the dimension.


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The cats are the cutest. I have been painting for years and have never painted anything on my wall - but this may be the year I do just that.

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Thanks, all, for the compliments.

Belle, everything that you see is a stencil except the trunk and branches of the wisteria - that was freehand. I made one of the bird stencils from a picture in DH's birdwatching book. Remember, this was before I learned decorative painting. The cats are a special stencil that has so many parts, it works differently from the usual stencil.

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CC~ that is very pretty and I imagine it's a great conversation piece. I love all the animals. =) ~Anj

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CC that's a pretty cool wall you created. Looks like it took alot of time and work to complete. Now that you tole paint it would be interesting to see what you would change. It must of taken alot to put it all together. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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