A very late Santa

pezabelleFebruary 8, 2009

Just finished putting this guy together - made one before Christmas and then gave him away...so, did another - how I hate doing doubles.

After looking at the picture I am going to go back and shade and highlight the words, they really look flat.


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Your sign is darling. I love the wording on it. I don't think I've ever seen holiday hellos before. Who is the artist? You have alot of detail on this one as well as add ons. No wonder it took you till now to finish. haha

I like to do doubles or even triples sometimes. After I paint one the next ones seems to paint twice as fast for me. I don't think you'd have to go back and redo the wording but it would make it stand out more. Another idea might be just go around inside it like it was stitched. If your like me when it comes to something like this I'll do whatever I'm in the mood for. It's cute just the way it is.

Keep paintin' and posting. Speedy RL2

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He's a cute one, Belle. I think you did a great job on him. I really love how great the candy canes and little gingerbread guy turned out. Your lettering looks so nice and neat, I like it. Luvs

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Belle! Cute Cute Cute! You did an awesome job on those candy canes. I have a hard time with stripes so those really stuck out to me. I love it! ~Anj

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Belle, this is really cute. I think the letters look fine. The candy cane even has highlighting. You must have a very steady hand. Did you buy the cut out? I just finished two small Christmas items. I find it easier to do them after Christmas - the stuff is on sale and there is no time pressure! CC

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Thank You All for the kind words...sure does perk up my enthusiasm. Especially when you are all so good!!!!!

Speedy aka RL2 ....the artist is a new one for me, Corinne Miller from Special Welcomes Sample. Her work is very different from what I usually do but I like this piece so I made only one and then gave it to a friend for a raffle gift. Glad I learn long ago to really read the instructions before I start, she left out lot of things - like base coating several areas.

CC... my DH cuts out most of my things, first off - the wood is less expensive than the pre-cut wood and second but most important no store closer than a 70 mile one way drive has any cutouts. Cutouts and books are almost non existent in my area and the only two store that have any crafts are Wal*Mart and a small Michaels store. I have been looking for an online store with lower prices to fill my paint needs.

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That is just adorable! You did a really good job. I think you're really lucky if your DH cuts your shapes for you.

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