Purple Rose Platter

phonegirlFebruary 7, 2009

I just finished my platter that sis gave me. She also gave me one that's silver the same shape pretty much. Are these fish platters or what do people use these for. If they are for fish I shouldn't of painted purple roses on it. LOL I don't know if I'll ever be a flower painter and yet I really like them.

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You are definitely a rose painter, that's for sure! This is lovely. I'm not sure what the platters are used for, but if someone gave this to me, I'd say it was too pretty to be used and prop it up on the counter.

Funny, I love purple, but I'm always painting pink roses. You have inspired me to try purple roses.

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Thank you so much for your comments. Your so sweet. So happy I inspired you to paint some purple roses. I'd like to paint some other colors besides pink and purple.

You should see what I just painted, bad pink and white rose and buds. I'm going to try to repaint and make it work for an outside little sign if nothing else. If it's to horrible I'll just sand it off and start over. Most of the time I don't ever consider that so you know it's bad. haha I'll post a picture when I'm finished.


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This shows what happens when you try to repaint once it's dry. I'll probably have DH sand it off tomorrow so I can try again,huh? LOL

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Maybe your new name should be "Rose Lady" You tray is beautiful! And the bee is every so cute! I need to practice some of the line strokes - they look so nice.

Nice lettering on the bottom picture, have not seen it before but will remember it and use it somewhere. It is elegant without being to fancy. It will be a shame to remove that much good work! But it sounds like you are like me...I want everything perfect, but I never get there in my eyes.

WOW! I just found out you can spell check in here!


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Coming from a perfectionist, I'll take your comments as a big compliment. I do thank you as I know you are very particular and I think that's important. Ditto on seeing our work through our own eyes. I think that's why I like this site. Everyone seems to take pride in their work or are just beginning and will perfect with time. I thought the tray turned out kinda cute too even though I painted my bee a little crooked. He should of been more upright. LOL

I'm hoping to paint one of JMP's lady bugs on my next project. I'm thinking I'll try pansies and lillies. I traced out a pattern for my tin for these and it's to big so makes me want to try another rose on it but I think I'll hold off. Don't think I'll be painting today unless it's later. I have paperwork for the office and also paperwork for my VISA that someone done their Christmas shopping with. GRRRRRRRRRR

The lettering on the bottom sign is in most of Chris Thronton's books. I use a liner that the bristles are at least 1/2" long and so I don't have to reload if I have a steady enough hand. I use my pinky finger to help steady me. The one I've been using the last year is a Royal 5/0 REG 585 if this will help. I haven't been able to find the Loew Cornell that I started with and I'm sure it was a 1/0 but also very long. If I remember this brush is alot fuller so it's a little harder to make as thin a lines as the other but it seems to work.

If I remember your vines on your tags were great so what's the problelm, perfectionist Belle? jokes What kind of liner brush do you use anyway?

I didn't know spell check was on here. How do you use it? It's not under my tools like it is for word. Please help me out dear girlfriend.

Better get back to the paperwork. I'm hoping being on here now will inspire me to whiz through the bad debts so I can paint today.


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Belle, I love your roses, look so soft and fluffy. I only know how to do the one stroke rose, haven't mastered any of the ones with different middles yet. The little bee with the cute face reminds me a bit of the ones in Annie Lang's book--I keep thinking I will paint something out of it someday. Don't see why you would want to sand off that 2nd plaque, it sure looks good to me. Your lettering is so neat on it. I really struggle with lettering. Best way for me is to use a small brush. When I try to use the long liner brushes, I don't have good control on when to apply pressure and when to lift! Then my lines turn out thicker and I don't like it. You might like the DD script liner brushes, they hold a good amount of paint and keep a good point. Keep up the good work. Luvs

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Luvs, thanks for your comments. I hope you know you get all the credit for encouraging me to paint trays. I love your trays and if you keep painting them it will be enough to keep me painting also.

Did you use a small brush on your choc tray? I loved the look and shading on the lettering. I didn't have time to pick up a brush today but did get the bookwork done. I couldn't get logged on to do my training so will try to do some this next week. What are the DD script liner brushes? I might want to check them out as I will be going to the city this weekend.

Luvs do you know what a longer skinny tray like this is used for?

Speedy RL2

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oooo! that's exquisite! and so romantic! great color choice! i've never ever painted a rose in that color... your curly wurlies are so good! mine never comes out that curly and the little bee... it's adorable :)))

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Punk, by DD, I meant the Donna Dewberry One Stroke liner brushes. Sorry, we've said her name so much on here, I just cut it short. LOL

I'm not sure what those were used for, but I would have used them to hold a loaf of long bread, like french bread.

I've hot glued hangers on the backs of some of my trays so they can be hung. And one with opening in the side like my latest with the teapot could have ribbon strung through the openings to hang it. Mostly I just prop mine up on an easel. I ran across one blog where the gal was actually drilling holes in them for the ribbon. She also added silk flowers and bows on the tops of hers. I don't like the idea of drilling them--someday someone may want to take the painting off and just use the tray again! LOL

I used to find all kinds of metal trays really cheap--like $2 or less, but I must have bought too many and the TS thought they were a "hot" item, so they started charging more for them. Most I see now are in the $5 to $8 dollar range, so I don't buy them. Luckily I do have a box full of different sizes just waiting to be painted. ;o)


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Luthien & Luvs,
Thanks so much for the wonderful comments on my roses, color choice, liner swirls and bee. It's always good to know what others think.

DD = Donna D OM. I wasn't following very well. Thanks. Does she have the longer liners? I'll try to get to Michaels this weekend if all goes well and check them out.

This platter would hold a loaf of french bread. I could add a hanger on the back easily if that's what DS wants.

I have GD and DD coming for a sleep over tonight so best go check out the conversations.

Speedy RL2

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Love the platter, it's so cute... and I think the bee looks adorable tilted like that.

You all make me want to practice more.

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Ugh! These disappearing posts! ha I totally know I posted to this. I know it's really user error because I get in too big of a hurry and I probably think I've hit submit when it's only preview, but it's still frustrating. =)

Punk~ your roses are just beautiful and that little bee is a keeper. Bee's aren't always upright....they are flying around and I think his angle is fine. Don't you dare sand off the pink roses. I may not have a discerning eye on roses (cause I can't paint them yet), but it looks really good to me. You'll have to point out the problem cause I really can't find anything wrong with it.
They are both really pretty. I like the purple roses. I've seen blue roses done too and they turned out really pretty too. My grandmother's favorite flower was yellow roses, but I don't think anyone here has done them in that color yet. I prefer the orangy-pink tropicana roses. I think when I learn how to paint them I'll do mine in those colors. ha We'll see what kind of mess I can make of it. ha In the mean time I'll just enjoy all of your beautiful variations. ~Anj

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Oceanna and Anj,

Thanks for your wonderful comments. I'm glad you liked my bee. I hope both of you start painting roses. The part I like about these roses is no pattern just paint away.

I'm trying my hand at pansies this coming week so we'll see how that goes.

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