My little leprechaun....

anjabeeFebruary 6, 2009

HI, here is my leprechaun finally. I bought this cutout at the TS (it is for a cookie jar lid) and had to try to figure out what to paint on it. Soooooo, I looked thru my books and online at all the leprechauns I could find and there is the result. No laughing!! Of course after I got him done I found one that I missed in one of my books that I wish I'd have done the eyes like. Oh well. I even thought since my DH has Scottish ancestry that I'd go online and find his family tartan pattern and that's my rendition on his pants. ha (Yes, I know leprechauns are Irish, but I wanted a plaid) I realize after taking the picture that I forgot to highlight his hat so I'll go back and do that. Sorry it took so long, but you were warned of my slowness. ha ~Anj

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Your leprechaun couldn't be cuter or done any better. Your project turned out great. It's funny that I thought you would be painting the pattern you shared with us. So I changed a few things and I could of painted it exactly like the picture.

Did you tell DH your story about his pants? LOL I think I have a cookie jar lid that is a leprechaun but most of what I have I don't really care for.

Did you get your snowman painted?


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It just amazes me how you can take a wood blank and come up with a good pattern for it yourself. You have a very creative imagination. What a neat thing to do on the plaid, and you did such a nice job painting it too. His gold coins seem to sparkle, did you glitter them maybe? The highlight on his hat band is so perfect too, and I love the little detail swirls in his beard and the twinkle in his eyes. And hey, the best part is that you got him done before the holiday even!! ;o) Luvs

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Thanks you guys.
Well, I'm sorry you went to the trouble of changing your leprechaun, Speedy. I don't know if I can tackle him. His face looks a little hard to me. Yours was perfect. I may save him for next year. As you can see on this one I did, I am sadly out of practice. Crooked lines, shading not exactly like I wanted it. He is on the jar I keep my coolaid packets in and the kids love him so that's what counts, right? ha
I have a little more to do on my snowmen valentines, but I may be able to finish it up today.

Luvs~ (the best part is that you got him done before the holiday even) Amen to that sister!! ha Hardly ever happens with me as you well know! I'm usually at least a month behind on everything. And this is my first St. Patty's Day painted decoration. And the valentine snowmen will be my first v-day painted decoration. Need more for these holidays and Easter. Need to start on one for Easter next I think and I may actually get it done before then.
Our TS has lots of wood cutouts to choose from usually and they are cheap!! I think I paid 50cents for the leprechaun. So if I mess them up or I don't like them when I'm done I'm not out much.
I won't buy any unless:
1. It has the name of what it is on the bag and I look at the pieces and see if I can put it together into something. Lots of times they'll have a sticker with the book name on them too like they were bought from Michaels or Roberts already packaged. That way I can look the book up online and kinda get an idea from the picture how to paint it.
2. If it's a larger piece and I can kinda visualize something for it.
3. Sometimes they will even have a pattern marked on somebody started it, but never got around to doing it. Quite a few times I have found them with the pattern and then found the actual pattern book for it over in the book section. Trust me...there are some there that I look at and I'm stumped as to what they could possibly be.
5. I will do a re-paint on something that wasn't painted that great or in ugly colors or I know I have a book for it at home. Take it home and sand it down to the original wood where the light "pattern" is left from the last paint job that I can follow, but I can change it any way I want to.

The gold and the lettering were done in antique gold with a layer of Folkart Gems gold glitter paint over the top. It is clear with tiny glitters in it. It was my first time using it and I thought it was pretty neat. I still need to do the white hilights on his hat.

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Anj, you crazy girl. Your leprechaun is wonderful. Look at all the shading that turned out perfect. The hat band, cheeks, lettering, plaid and above the pot are great. Sorry if I forgot something. LOL But my favorite is his NOSE. So stinkin' cute. Luvs is right, those sparkling coins are perfect for this project.

I didn't go to one bit of trouble changing mine so hope you know I just appreciated you sharing the pattern and I didn't think it would be right for me to paint exactly. However, now I don't think you would of cared how it was finished. I know if it was the other way around I wouldn't think twice about how you painted it. Your so sweet and quit thinking your not a good painter, ok? You rock, girlfriend. Mine doesn't look any better than yours! Might want to take another look. haha

I decided I needed to clean freezers out and get ready for the beef. I discovered I still have 100# of burger and lots of steak and roasts. So I put a roast in the oven and I have 1 down and 1 to finish. Yea I don't know why I always make it such a big deal to defrost and wipe them down. Guess it's not one of my favorite jobs. Go figure.

I am going to get a project done this weekend if I can get motivated. I thought I was until I remembered the beef needs to be picked up for sure next week and so the fun had to be put on the back burner. I have clients Mon. and Tues. nights this next week so that's life. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, darn.

Better go check the freezer. Speedy

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Anj.....Ditto to all of the above! Everything about him is great but I have to agree it's the nose! Is it painted on or a ball? And the hat band and the whiskers and, and, and! He is just plan GREAT!

Waiting to see what comes next. With you imagination coloring cooks would be a idea source..... they still make coloring books....I might just have to go check.

Wish we had a TS that had wood cut out or even books. Ah! someday!

Thank You for sharing!


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Aw (blushing) Thanks you guys. What a good cheering section we have here! ha Makes ya want to get right in there and start painting something else right away.

Speedy Punk....heck no I didn't care how anyone painted the leprechaun. ha We all usually put our own little different takes on things anyway. I just saw it as I was browsing and thought someone might want to paint it since the holiday was coming up. Her site is listed on our freebie sites post, but her free pattern changes every month so if anybody wanted it they need to download it before the next one comes up.
We just got our beef too so I hear ya. Our freezer was full so ended up having to ask my parents if we could put some in theirs. That's a lotta beef! ha I think if we can, we will always do it this way from now on. The taste just doesn't compare to the stuff you get at the grocery.

Belle~ they do still make coloring books(you can find good ones at the $1 store even) and Luvs and I have both used them on projects. In fact, she was the one who tuned me in to that little trick. ha I would have never thought of coloring books. I did raggety ann and andy pics for my little niece from one. They are on the gallery somewhere if they haven't gotten bumped off I'll post a link. I painted them on cardstock and framed them and she just loved them.
The leprechauns nose is a little wooden ball painted with some shading on top and just hot glued on. It looks crooked in the pic because of where I was standing when I took the pic. ha


Here is a link that might be useful: my raggety ann and andy pics

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Anj, they are the sweetest looking things. Thanks for sharing. I have some Strawberry Shortcake pages I haven't painted yet for GD but they are from a coloring book she had brought to nana's at one point.

I didn't think your leprechauns nose looked crooked but now I know what to say when my projects are funny...just kidding

I did get my freezers cleaned and restocked and very happy to have that task behind me. I don't remember when the last time I defrosted the chest was so probably last year when we got our beef.

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