Distance of sink from counter edge?

venice_2008May 26, 2009

I'm getting an integrated stainless steel sink in a run of stainless steel. The counters are deep (29.5 inches). I was just told today that the sink would be set back 4" from the counter's edge, and that this is standard.

Is this standard? I hope so, as I think the counter is well on its way to being done ...

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I think you will be fine with the 4" set back. Mine is 3.5", but a bit of the cabinet had to be shaved to do that. Not sure it was worth it, as I can't imagine 1/2" makes a difference.

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mine's set back 4" and works just great!

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Yup, 3 1/2 to 4'' is ideal.

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Now I see the advantage of an apron style sink: your arms don't have to reach as far forward. This is significant when the sink is deep.

I think that with an engineered quartz countertop it will be possible to make the distance to the front of the sink much smaller.

Does anyone know, from experience, how much is too little ?
I would put a lot of steel support under the thin strip of counter in front of the sink.

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Nice to get the affirmations, esp. as I just learned last night that the sink and counter will likely be here on Friday -- a much more advanced timeline than I was given originally! So: phew! And thanks!

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Anyone know if these measurements (3.5-4") are from the edge of the actual sink basin, or from the self-rimming edge of a drop-in sink. We have a top mount sink, and are trying to figure out the best distance from the countertop edge.

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These distances are dictated by whether or not the cabinets have tip-out drawers and the amount the tops overhang the cabinet drawer fronts.

To make the shortest distance, place the sink as close to the back of the cabinet front (or tip-out) as possible and shorten the overhang.

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Usually measured to the counter top cut out, so on a drop in sink, the dimension would be a bit less, 1/2" or so

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