Birthday Calendar

citytransplant(zone5)February 20, 2010

Saw this in last months Painting Mag and just loved the pattern. I make Birthday cards for family and friends and this is a great visual reminder for me to "get busy".

Ang, sorry to bother you once again, but the pictures are too small. I am using the HTML thumb under the picture on photobucket. I tried all of the other choices and none would work. Is there something else I can do?


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Joan, your calendar looks great but it would be nice to be able to see a larger view. I'll let Anj, step you through, since she is sooooo good at it.TFS, Punk

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I get that magazine to CT. Love your mirror using it, looks very cute. I thought your picture might enlarge if I clicked on it--but didn't work. I'm sure Anj will know the answer. I use the html under the picture for mine too, and seems they come across almost too large--but I don't really know how to do anything else. I used to always do the clickable pics, then that stopped working right for me too. A computer person--I'm NOT! LOL


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Joan...I also tried to click on the photo but it would not open for a closer look, which I would love to do!

This is how I post a picture, starting at photobucket: Find the picture you want to share and move your cursor over the picture and a window will drop down. Just under the picture is a small square, click this square. Drop down to the bottom of the page and click on the blue bar on the far right that says, HTML & IMC code. A new page will appear and give you 5 choices. I use "HTML images for Ebay, LiveJournals and MySpace."(this is my favorite) Right click on the address (words) you want, copy and then paste it to your message on the forum. The address will show in your message area, to check what you have chosen click on "Preview Message" and it will become a picture. If you want to change the type of photo you have added, just delete the address and go back to Photobucket and choose another address to paste to your message.

I hope this helps and you can understand my not so great instructions. I had such a hard time posting when I first joined. One other thing, if you remove your photo from photobucket it will also be deleted here.

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Okay, I put the new bigger photo over on discussion side, but will do it here to keep things straight.

Luvs, as you can now see, it is not a mirror, but month by month lists so everyones birthday and I can remember to make a card for them. Yes, these new pictures are a bigger than I would like, but the small version just was not doing it.

Belle, thanks so very much for your help. I did notice on older posts that a lot of the photos could not be seen. I went back to Photobucket and created an album that will only have "completed" projects in it so there would be no reason to delete it. Thanks for the tip.

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The larger picture is much better! Thanks for posting it again. Now that is a great idea for remembering birthdays! I had earmarked this design in my magazine too, but haven't used it yet, seeing how cute your's came out might be just the motivation I need! ;o) Luvs

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Thank You for posting the large is really great!

Did you use a kit or cut it out yourself? Your blending and shading is great and looks like a fun piece to do. But I would still forget to look at the calendar.


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I love your calendar. Can I be a copy cat and make some? Thanks so much for enlarging the photo so we can see the wonderful details you painted.


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Luvs, yes go ahead a paint one(or more) it was a fun project. If you notice I did not paint the house and mountains on the bottom. I really liked them, It just looked too busy for me.

Belle, at first I was going to cut my own, but since DH is working on finishing the basement, it is too messy for me to figure things out, so I purchased this one. It was a bit pricy, $37.00, so I would recommed making it if you can. And yes, I agree about forgetting to look at it. There are two cards that must go out today... I forgot.

Punk, There is no such thing as copying. Is is called "As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I had to make it." Hope you enjoy painting it as much as I did.


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Hey....sorry I'm just getting here and so glad someone else stepped in to get the big picture instructions for you. What a cool project! I love that little bird. I haven't been to the library in a while so I've missed out on quite a few months of the Painting mag. Been wanting to go, just no time. This would be a fun gift to paint for my MIL. She has 9 kids with spouses and 22 1/2 grandkids to remember. ha Great job Joan!

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