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atokamomFebruary 19, 2008

Hello everyone,

I just found this site. Very nice stuff here! I thought I would post some of my stuff to share. I also have been wanting to ask some other artists about their painting space. I have such a hard time finding a corner of the house to put a small cabinet for paints and brushes. I never have space for the stuff I want to paint on. Does anyone have good storage ideas? pics?



Image link:

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whoops... here are some pictures of my stuff.

santa hat folding chair stockint purse photo album jean jacket table top
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Great painting! Keep up the good work and thanks for the encouragment to post my work....I will put mine on just as soon as I figure out how to do that.

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Welcome atokamom and citytransplant! Ya'll please don't be shy about posting your pics! It's been rather slow here lately and we'd love to have you post away!

atokamom~ your animals are so realistic! Great job on everything. Hard to pick a favorite, but I think I like the Yorkie tabletop the best. Soooo cute! You did such a wonderful job on the horses though. Everything looks great. Love the rocking chairs too. Wish I could paint a tiger that good. My DH is an LSU fan. ha Thank you for sharing your work. Do you do these for yourself and friends or do you do them to sell? There are a few ladies here who sell their work. ~Anj

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Nice to see some new posters here. Welcome to both of you. Like Anj said, it has been kind of slow here.

Atokamom, your black horse painting is my fav, but they are all nicely done. So were these items painted for yourself or for sale or gifts? Tell us a little about yourself, like how you got started painting and how long you have been painting, etc.

Citytransplant, we will look forward to seeing your projects too. Please join in on any of the posts, and have fun checking out our previous posts here on the gallery and in discussions.


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thank you citytransplant, anjabee & luvstocraft,
I appreciate your comments. Luvstocraft, I love your Christmas stacking plates! They are beautiful!
Well, a little about me.. I have always loved to draw, so when my highschool offered art classes, I jumped at the chance to learn . Those classes really opened my eyes to different forms of art. I stopped painting for about 10 years, due to work and having children. There was just too much to do. Well, when the kids got older, I started painting again occasionally. I have sold some of my things localally and also on ebay. All of the pictures I posted are sold or given away. I made the rocking chairs for a Christmas gift. I have a million half finished things at home!

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