GS trunk

citytransplantFebruary 20, 2010

I can remember if I showed this or not, I know I tired to a few times. anyway here it is... new or old photos.

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Joan, this pirate trunk you painted for DGS is so cute. Does he have a collection to use it for or will it be for a decoration? How old is he? Nice keepsake for him to have and cherish. I was able to enlarge them by clicking on the pictures. I always use the second one and it sends them larger. TFS!


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Hmmm, it enlarged when I clicked on it too--but the one over on discussions didn't. Weird, huh?

I'm sure your grandson loved this trunk too. Is he really into pirate things?


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Joan...what a super great trunk! And the pirate is just perfect. My DGS (who is 18) asked by I didn't think of making one for him...his school mascot is a pirate. Guess I missed that one.

Thank you for sharing and come back often!


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Punk, my DGS in 10YO. He was a tad miffed when I painted the dresser for his sister. Since I had this old trunk laying around, I and asked him if he wanted me to paint it for him. He chose the theme. I Goggled free stock photos, printed several and came up with this idea.

Luvs, I guess all the kids are into pirates now with all the "Pirates of the Carribean" movies. I could not resist putting in a "Secret Compartment", and shelf to hold jewels and "money", a warning to keep out and a picture of Jack Sparrow, but they are not painted items so I did not post the inside.

Belle, I am glad your 18yo DGS like pirates too. I was afraid that mine would quickly outgrown his.

Thanks everyone for the compliments. This is sure a great place! Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. It sure makes me want to paint even more!

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How great that you did a secret compartment and shelf. Sounds like you are a very thoughtful Grandma--and they do notice if you do something for the other one, huh? LOL

There's not too many of us on this forum, but we love to see each other's projects, and seeing them does keep us motivated to go paint something! Not sure about anyone else, but I need that motivation as I'm the worst procrastinator!

I'm glad you are having fun here with us now that you mastered the picture posting thing. Will be looking forward to seeing what else you create.


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