My Valentine's Projects

phonegirlFebruary 1, 2009

These are not your traditional Valentine's projects but it's all I have time for today. Maybe next week and weekend I'll come up with more. I want to get started on my leprechaun so this might be it. Punk

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I Love the snowman! He melts my heart LOL
They both turned out real well!

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Thanks Diana, he was a fun project out of Jamie Mills Price Between the Vines book. You can't see in the picture but he's on a cute little box. I should try to take better pictures but if I did take more time, I'd never get them posted. LOL Punk

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Cute little snowman, love his sweet expression. Sure lots of details in her designs, huh? Like the vines, the furry looking heart, etc. Don't know how you paint them so quickly, would take me forever! Is the rose from her book too? Unique idea for the edges, almost looks like watermarks. I remember you saying that since you still have so much snow, you are incorporating snow and Valentines together. You may create a whole new angle on Valentines. ;o) Luvs

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Yippy! Hurray! Another fat little snowman....he is cute! He looks like he is either flirting or a little shy...

Your flower just pops against the dark background and in both projects the lettering in fantastic...wish mine looked that great.


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Luvs & Belle,

JMP does have alot of detail and sometimes when I'm painting I add my own to whatever project I want. The rose is one I was going to try my one stroke and then loaded the wrong brush so just slapped it on and called it done. Absolutely no pattern whats so ever and it shows. My lettering was to cover it up.LOL I might hang it out on the covered patio for a decoration for Valentine's Day. As Belle said it pops on that dark background so maybe I can hang it at the end of the deck so know one gets to close a look. haha

The outside is just a white wash. Just like you would do if you wanted to put lace around something. I think the whole border was done with only reloading the brush once. If you haven't ever done this you should look in your books or let me know and I'll try to help you more. If I would of planned this project to begin with I would of made it pretty fancy with eyelets and more ruffles.

So what do you think, should we incorporate the snow and Valentine's Day for us that have snow still? Just kidding but I think there is alot of snowmen with hearts on them. I think next year I'm going to take all of my snowmen ornaments and put them on a little tree and see how that looks cuz I have alot when I think about it.

I painted the top letters with a flat brush like Bebe had said and it took a whole minute to paint it. I will never go back to a little liner for that type of wording again. I just love all the help I get from everyone on here. Woohoo what a team effort we have here. The rose picture probably took me 1 hour total. That's why I am Speedy the painter.

Wonder how Anj's DD's game turned out tonight? I had such a late night at the office and didn't get home till after 7 so my bum is totally dragging. I'm hitting the hay earlier tonight so I can be ready for another day. I did get my house swept, mopped and vac. So now all I have is laundry and dusting and I'll be caught up. Hopefully I can do that in the morning before work. Wow, I just noticed it's already after 11 so gotta go.
Thanks for the fun.

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Gosh, I must be in a hurry. I posted to this,but must have somehow deleted instead of submitting.
Love this cute snowman and his nose is great. I hope these aren't the roses you said you were having problems with cause I think they are so pretty and soft looking.
So who do you have fighting over these? ha

DD's team won one game and lost the other. She made some points and her coach complimented her so she was happy.

My next project is a snowman valentine too so I say we go with the snow at valentines day theme. ha I still have enough of it on the ground to go around. ~Anj

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Anj, No one knows I made these besides my cyber friends.haha I will put them up at the office if nothing else.

So happy DD won 1 game and she has a good coach who lets her know she's doing well. I believe it's so important to praise others when they do well.

Will be looking forward to your snowman valentine. Luvs was a snowman valentine also. I don't think I had looked at snowmen that way before but alot of them will have hearts. Can't say I was ever into snowmen before this year. DD is the one who always wants snowmen and I'm the santa one.


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Phonegirl, if you stick around here, you will see lots of snowmen! I just love their cute faces (as well as the faces on gingers and scarecrows too!) ;o) And almost all of my Christmas mags/books have snowmen patterns that just beg to be painted! (Someday hopefully, in my case.)

Yeah, DD got to have the thrill of victory for one of her first games at least. Remind her that all she can do is give her very best effort. We can't always win them all.


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Speedy, that's a good name for you. The snowman has so much detail - that would take me forever. I have lots of books but got tired of doing the transfer and following the directions, etc. They are both great.

You do very nice roses. I like the way it looks loose and almost transparent. It is easy to see that you "did it right the first time."

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Wow, Can't believe I have posted to this yet.

Luvs, I do love snowmen now and always will. I don't remember them being so popular years ago. Did they finally come up with cute faces and designs for them that we can't resist?

I hope Anj gets her snowman done and posted soon.

CC Thanks for the sweet comments on my projects. I plan on painting some more roses this weekend if all works out. It's so great to have you here with us.


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