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wild_thingFebruary 18, 2009

Been a little while since I posted. SD is still going to counseling. I think it is helping. At least she is seeing that we really were not talking out our A** , because her counselor is saying the same things we did. But you know how it goes with kids....if it is said by you then it means nothing, but if it is then repeated by someone else then it may have some validity.

Counselor got her to join a club....she is working with her on appropriate friends too, which is one reason she had her join a club.

She also had to write a letter to her mom...they are still working on that one.

So, it is baby steps and hopefully some progress.

Dh heard some disappointing news the other day however about SS. It would seem that he got his g/f pregnant, so they are going to be having a baby. Two 18 year old high school drop outs, living at the ex's house. Nice.

But that is my update.

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"Dh heard some disappointing news the other day however about SS. It would seem that he got his g/f pregnant, so they are going to be having a baby. Two 18 year old high school drop outs, living at the ex's house. Nice."

As a teen parent that also dropped out during my senior year & gave birth 2 months before I turned 18, I hope he (and his girlfriend) have some support. Sometimes, having a baby is a pivotal thing that changes their direction for the better, or it can lead to a lifetime of heartache for the child. Hopefully, at least one of them (preferably both) will realize the importance of going back to school & getting a diploma and want to make a better life for their baby.. in other words, hopefully they step up and act responsibly. One of the WORSE things that can happen is if they get TOO MUCH help.. with the baby and with enabling them to not step up.

Why are they with ex? I tend to believe irresponsible kids will migrate to the parent they know will enable their behavior.

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imamommy, I am with you...I had my oldest just out of high school. His dad left me however, and I did it by myself. So it isn't their age so much that I am worried about. It is him. It is knowing him the way I do, and having no faith that he is responsible, prepared, or equipped to handle this situation.
They are living with the ex, because as soon as ss turned 18 (in June 08) he left our house because he wanted the "fun and freedom" that came with living at his mom's. You are EXACTLY right in your last statement. He migrated to the parent that enables his irresponsible behavior. The g/f moved in with them, but I am not sure when. I just know they have only been together for like maybe 4 months. The only thing I have heard is that she got into a fight with her own mother and she then moved in with them. I know we are missing a substantial amount of that story. It just sickens me that the ex would allow her to move in like that when she should have been working things out with her own parents. But then the ex does like to be the friend rather than the parent.
The g/f was supposed to be going into the national guard. She won't be now. Because she won't be, ss won't be either. Although he still could. He won't. He has no job, no prospects of getting a job where they live now (it is a dinky town 60 miles from here there is no work there). He is stuck where he is. His mom will let them live there and enable the both of them. It will be a bad situation. A baby should not be brought up in that situation. SS is very possesive, and needy. We know nothing about the g/f other than she is same age and a drop out too. They both dropped out their senior year. The ex will be too preoccupied with the "attention" that this situation will get her and how she will "appear" to look like she is actually helping them. IT is just sick.
OH and My 1 year old is going to be an uncle already lol!!

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