still life

caliroseFebruary 9, 2011

still-life'>still life

Here is a link that might be useful: still life

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You have been busy! Your still life is just great! Is it in oils? Your balance is great as are the colors.


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Cali, this is wonderful. What is it painted with? Looks like it could of been done with chalk. So glad you are here posting with us.


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Cali...your still life is wonderful and so is your idle boats pic. For some reason it will not let me post a comment on that one, keeps telling me I need to log in. You did an awesome job on the birds! Very life like. Thank you so much for sharing your pics!!

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It was painted in oils. I am so glad you all like it!
Anj I think onthe idle boats, I used a privacy setting link that may have caused the inability to post. I didn't use that link on the other two. I just grabbed the wrong link.

Thank you all for commenting!!!

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