OTR Microwave with filler pieces on sides

olivertwistkitchenMay 13, 2013

I know there are a lot of strong opinions against OTR microwaves, so please don't try to dissuade me from this and kindly help me with my question, because I am already set on the OTR Microwave. Thanks.

I'm getting a GE 36" cooktop over a GE 30" wall oven. Over that we were set to order a GE 36" OTR microwave which has just been discontinued. My options then are either a KitchenAid 36" OTR microwave (not a bad match, and the other appliances are KitchenAid anyway, but not ideal), or a GE 30" microwave that matches the oven completely, and also buy the GE filler kit to go on either side. The filler kit is only available in black or white.

Although I can see the filler kit on the GE website, there are no pics of it installed.

Has anyone seen or had a 30" OTR microwave with 3" fillers on either side? I want to know how bad black fillers will look on a stainless/black microwave.


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