video: Living in a 320 sq ft house

pinkpaulaJune 2, 2011

This 10 minute video takes the viewer on a tour of a 320 sq ft house. The couple and their teenage son live mortgage free and love it!

Copy and paste site into your browser. Enjoy!

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Love the house. But I think they did a disservice to the Shotgun style by calling it a SHACK. They do NOT call them that in Mississippi, Louisiana, or Key West, where the style was frequently used. The owner has a good attitude, and is right to emphasize all the positive features of living small.

Thanks for bringing this tiny alternative lifestyle to our discussions, Paula.

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Thanks for posting this. I think I had an epiphany when she said to concentrate on what you have, not on what you don't have - I think those are words to live by.

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My thoughts on this one ping pong around like so;

What could I do with $20,000 cash and a clean slate?

I'm glad to see people thinking outside the box and shedding societal "norms". No, that's not a "shed" pun.

I would have opted to add a sizeable covered, screened porch to provide a little more wander space. I need views. Without ample views, the walls would eventually close in on me.

What's the big deal? I hail from a coastal town along the Intracoastal Waterway and lots of people, including families, lived on board boats that size or smaller.

You wonder how they manage in such a small kitchen space then I remember the article I read this week in a restaurant magazine where they highlighted the 170sf kitchen on board a submarine that serves 5 hot meals a day to a crew of around 300.

Does the loft count in the total sf count? If not, isn't that cheating a tad?

See, I told you I ping ponged on this one.


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I thought this topic would flush you out of your hideaway, Scott.

We toured the US Submarine Drum in April, and you are right about the tight quarters for the galley. It was a WWII sub, I forget how many crew it had, but it was primarily a machine with the people part of its operating system. I'd want to have some outside space to breathe too!

A pergola or an arbor frame over the business trailer they had next door would give a nice place to catch the breeze.
All it would need was a ladder or narrow set of steps to access it. How much more could that cost?

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Hey, they like me here in this hideaway! Seriously, not hiding, just haven't seen much lately to comment on. What's the old expression? God gave us two ears and one mouth so we should listen twice as often as we speak. Been practicing my listening and also active on some other forums.

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One thing I wish that GWeb had was a feature to choose to see new posts from several forums as new things appear. Like they do on a couple of other places.

I'd subscribe to Older Homes, Smaller Homes, Garages/Sheds, and then a bunch in the Gardening area. I've done a lot of post clipping to keep track of some information that is helpful to me. There are some terrific ideas based on experiences. So far I have not checked out the MOST CLIPPED area yet, but that might be interesting.

Yes, Scott, I think I've seen some of your posts on the other forums. You're still one of us though. Smaller is better-er. Just not much going on over here these days.

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