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paintgirl2008February 18, 2009

It seems quiet on here today, so thought I would post a few more pics of my "stuff". Some have been done for awhile-Hope I don't bore anybody. The light is not too good on some of them,my camera skills need improving a bunch! It is cold and rainy here, so I have been on my computer much of today. I love it!!! Have a nice day everyone and Paint!!!

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Wow! Thanks for sharing. Lots of things to look at and I like them all. That little dresser is very cool. I bought one of those utensil holders at the TS to paint (haven't gotten around to it yet). Didn't know what to do with it, thought it was for those long matches and was trying to figure out what I could store in it (besides long matches). ha The little scene you have painted on yours is so cute. You did great on everything. Thanks for sharing all these on our quiet week. I needed these to get me pumped up for painting on Friday! ~Anj

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Lovely projects! I really love your roses and the angels. That winter scene is pretty cool too. I just bought a little basket like that today at the TS for $1.00 and thought I'd cut out a lid and paint it. Your's looks really nice with the fruit. Thanks for giving us some eye candy, you sure have painted lots of neat things. I'm working on a leprechaun, let's hope it turns out good enough to share. Luvs

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So many really great projects and so many different surfaces! The glass's are delicate and the little girl praying so precious.

It is so very nice that you share your art with us...really help spark the joy of painting.


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So Paintgirl, tell me about your roses please. Do you use patterns or paint freehand? Are they stroke roses or one where you base then shade and highlight? Looks like you brush or sponge on a background color behind them, is that right? I'm always wanting to paint better roses, so am very interested in what other's painters do.


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Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I did some of these probably a year ago. Some are still in my possession, and I give lots of stuff to my daughter and friends.And sometimes I put an ad in the paper and sell some from my front yard!
Luvs-I do not use a pattern for the roses. I use an angle brush and do one stroke at a time Sometimes I go back and do highlites and shade more, especially on the leaves.Also thin the paint- I mostly just use water for acrylic paint.If it doesn't look full enough when you finish,use the tip of your brush and make little "filler petals". On my pots and wooden pieces I usually sponge the background color-blue and white or whatever color I want.Two or three-lots of different color combinations work well. I either sponge a lighter color where my design will be, or use spray paint!Makes them show up better.I hope you can make sense out of all this. I would like to say I have seen your roses and they are beautiful! It is a very great honor to have someone on this forum with all it's great painters, ask me a question!!!Have a blessed day!!
Love, Shirley

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HI, Paintgirl

You have been busy. Thanks for sharing your pix and tips. It is amazing that you can do such pretty roses freehand. The winter scene is very different - I've never tried anything like that.


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your picture of the chest top reminded me of some furniture that i p ainted years ago and gave away. i painted the front of a huge hoosier type cabinet many years ago with roses similar to yours, a green and cream background and very soft son still has it..someday i'll photograph it..also have done furniture for childrens rooms in the past, they are no longer where i can photograph them.
you have inspired me to do more again..thanks

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I hope you will get back into painting. And please show pictures of things you have done. There are many Great artists on this forum, and all are very supportive and encouraging-I think everyone tries to inspire each other. Sometimes an encouraging word can turn the world around! In the world today there can never be too many painted roses,sunflowers,snowmen, leprachauns(?)or Americana or "fun" things.
We need all the beauty we can get!!! Happy weekend, and Blessings on you!!!

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This was so nice to come here and see all of your wonderful projects posted. Did you write the verse with your roses? That is so beautiful. I too like landscapes but don't paint to many.

You seem to have a good variety of painting surfaces. I tend to do more wood than anything but I'm going to start painting other things for some fun again.

So glad you've come to share with us. Punk

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