How do these cellular shades operate?

amt782July 28, 2012

Never thought I would be asking a question this dumb! I bought some Bali cellular window shades at Restore this morning. They are currently in the closed position but I cant figure out how to release them. I am wondering if I'm missing parts to the shade or just a part of my brain! I can't find a model number on it so I don't even know what style they are exactly, just that they are Bali brand. Also wondering what bracket pieces I need to order for inside mounting on my windows- I already went through the Bali website a dozen times but there are no graphics or photos of the components, just blinds hanging in rooms. Any help would be appreciated!


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Hopefully the link below will help.
These are cordless, right?

Here is a link that might be useful: repair cordless cellulars

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Forgot to should be able to order brackets thru HD or Lowes.

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Fori is not pleased

I had some that just came down when you tugged and went up when you pushed them.

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That's my problem, I'm not sure if they are cordless or not! There was no cord with it when purchased- but its Restore so I have no idea. I found printing in the inside of one of the end caps and it says 'rollease', which is the the brand of mechanism that is supposed to allow for it to roll i guess!? After researching online, I think I might just be missing a metal beaded chain? I have tried just tugging on it to no avail.

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I have one like this. They are cordless, a loop of cording fits in over the black gear and hangs down 15 inches or so. You pull on this loop to crank the blinds up and down. If you turn the black gear, the blinds should lower.

The catch with replacing the cords is that they are one continuous loop, without any kind of knot. They are fused or something like that to make them smooth to run thru the gear. These blinds are nice since they don't have long cords hanging down to deal with. HTH

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Cordless means just that......cordless. A cordless shade works by friction and gears with no cords. You pull the shade to close and push it up to open.
If you can't manually turn the roll bar and get it moving I'd give Bali a call and see if they can tell you what you have and how to get it working.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bali

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On our cordless shades, there are two plastic handles that snap onto the metal bottom piece. They're placed about 8 inches from center. Does it look like there was ever anything like that clipped onto the base? Maybe a little raised area on the cellular part?

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