Americana Rocking Horse

anjabeeFebruary 20, 2008

This is a little rocking horse my SIL had. It was painted in Christmas colors....reds and greens and holly. The horse was tan with red polka dots and it's head was not connected to it's body, but it had a big goofy smile. Didn't know horses could smile. ha It took a lot of sanding before I could paint it. I forgot to take the before pic (again). She asked me to come up with something Americana for it. I gave it to her Sat and she loved it. Both sides are painted the same. ~Anj

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Well that horse sure turned out great. Your work is always so neat and perfect, Anj. Would have been nice to have the before and after so we could appreciate all your work on it even more. Love the way you did the flag design on the saddle and your lettering is always so neat. You took off the goofy smile and turned it into really classy! Great job! Luvs

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Thank you Luvs. I really wish I'd remember to do the before pics too. This one was pretty ugly and headless to boot. ha I just noticed that the horses mane and tail look kind of orange in the picture, but they are actually a dark brown. ~Anj

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At least the mane and tail were in good shape, and you were able to reattach the head. I love the colors on him. Luvs

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Sooo cute! you sure can call that cutie a TTT!
love the colors, and the beautiful painting job!

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Thank you Oddie. :) ~Anj

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