Here's My Leprechaun

phonegirlFebruary 2, 2009

I finished my Leprechaun but not my laundry and housework.teehee It'll be there in the morning and again tomorrow night. I won't like the fact I chose this route but it's a done deal.

Mine didn't turn out anything like the pattern cuz I couldn't seem to slow down long enough to come back on here and look at the picture. I just wanted to keep painting. I wanted it to be a little different than the picture so changed a few things and colors. Let me know what you think. Punk

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I feel lucky just looking at this cute little guy! I like how you left the wood grain show through and color combination's are great!

You nailed the eyes and facial features and his "pointy" ear is so cute!

Thanks for sharing!


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You are just the whiz kid around here! Sure can't match your speed painting! LOL This little guy sure has a dapper attitude, doesn't he. Great job on the eyes and his hair too. Know you are going to enjoy this one. I want to paint one too, just got to find the righ surface for him. Luvs

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Belle and Luvs,
Thanks for the comments. I really like to paint faces and that's why I like painting Santas. There's so much expression one can add and it's my favorite part. I will probably try to get another painted before the holiday.

I'm thinking it's about time to redo the craft room and start getting a little more orgainized again. I still am missing some of my painting books and that's really bugging me. I can't help but think I may have loaned them to my SIL and since she passed away and her hubby remarried I'll never get them back if that's the case. Very, very interesting.

I did find another box with some books last weekend so that was a good thing. Mostly flowers though.


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He turned out so good Punk!! I didn't think anybody was gonna paint him this year. ha You did a most excellent job on his cute little face. He's awesome and we are gonna have rename you Speedy!
You should maybe ask BIL about your books. Maybe he has them in storage or if they had kids all her stuff may have been given to them. Wouldn't hurt to ask unless you aren't on good terms. Hope you can find them. I'm very attached to my books! ha
=) ~Anj

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Anj, Thanks. I painted him especially for you since you shared the pattern with us. I want you to know it was appreciated. haha

I would ask BIL except that he put all of her things out in the garage and it is full of mice so I wouldn't want them back. I hate mices to pieces. They didn't have children so that was a blessing.

I'll change my name to Speedy cuz I probably should have some name that I don't go by in MY REAL LIFE! Hope everyone else will be ok with that and not offended or something.


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Speedy, he is really cute. I agree with the others - you really did a great job on the face. He looks so merry. Hope you get your books back. Have you tried posting a request on Craig's List? (If you are near any big city.)


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Your comments are appreciated. I will post a picture of my books sometime and you'll know that I dont need any back. It was just the fact that one was a favorite. I just went on Craigs list and didn't see any but that's a thought.

Thanks again for your comments. Speedy

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Speedy, isn't it funny how we get attached to our books. They are like old friends that we haven''t seen for a while and then we come upon then and feel like we have just found a long lost friend.

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Belle, So true. I have been looking at some of the new books cuz DD and sis think I need more for Mothers Day. I think it's a little early but they will be the ones doing the shopping so I'll give them a list to start. I'll start a new post and maybe we can keep adding as we find new ones we don't want to live without. ha ha


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now that is one dashing leprechaun! such a sweet face! i really really like this piece :)))

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