Cell Phone Charging Station

dilly_dallyJune 21, 2010

Smaller homes means there are probably less easily accessible outlets. This charging station means you can use an outlet in an oddball location where you can't put a table or anything to set the phone on. Hope this help someone solve a small home dilemma.


Here is a link that might be useful: Station

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

What will they think of next?! That would also be great for those of us who are getting older and forgetting where we last left our cell phones. ;)

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that's a nifty idea!

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Mama Goose, are you talking about MOI? !!!! hehehehe
Today my cell phone rang, I was standing right next to it because I could hear it, but my heaven, I did NOT SEE IT.
I'd set it up about 2 inches off the desk surface, on the lamp base. duhhhh, and there it was!

Hard to explain that sometimes. :)

I do have a desk lamp which has two accessory plugs on the back of it. I have several electronic chargers for the batteries of my digital cameras, and getting under the desk to retrieve a battery or plug one in, is too much for me these days. That is where I have the camera chargers.

For my cell phone, which is only a cord plugging into my Blackberry, I leave the cord plugged in at my desk, and run it to the base of my desk lamp. Very easy to use it, or (most of the time) answer the phone when it rings.

The only place that the little charger gadget DillyDally mentions could be plugged in high enough on the wall to make it a good choice, would be in the kitchen or bath. And I don't want the phone in either of those very humid places. But, it does look like the pocket could be taped/glued to the wall with the cord extended.

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OH That is perfect for here. THANKS!!!

DH has the perfect plug in right next to his chair. Very COOL!!!


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