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phonegirlJanuary 11, 2009

Here's my little bear I painted from JMP's same book. Not sure what I'm doing with it cuz sis and DD both want one. It needs to have something added so if I decide to give it for Valentine's Day I'll paint something on it or hang a sign above it. Let me know your ideas. Thanks, Punk

Did I ever tell all of you my last name? It's Kerr so what a name I have huh? My given name is Dora. My mom sure named me after a couple of characters, didn't she? Punky Brewster and Dora the Explorer, hum!!! My GD loves Dora and doesn't understand when someone tells her that's my name. She says no it isn't, it's nana, Punk. lol

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This is so cute. You must have taken a lot of time with it considering all those little hairs you painted. So sweet and I do think the sign above it would work out best.

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Wow, looks so soft with all those little strokes. A sign would be cute with wording like "Love Bears All Things" or something with Bear in it. ha So are you going to paint another one so that Sis and DD aren't fighting over it?

Your name is so cute! Bet you get lots of comments. So may we start calling you Punk?


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Oh my, you did such a wonderful job on that bear's fur--and his eyes and his nose--just all of it! And I'm not even a real fan of bears. Love it with the vines and flowers especially.

Enjoyed reading about your name. So is Punk a nickname they gave you?


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This little bear was fairly quick to paint because B told me about the rake brush and I used it on some of it. Thanks again B for that tip. I had another one but it wasn't stiff enough so this one with the soft grip handle helped alot. When I didn't load it correctly and got a boo boo I would go over that area with my liner and cover up.

Anj, Love Bears All Things, yes I really like that. I should paint another one but I think I'll paint a different one and let them pick. Just have to hope they don't choose the same one.

Can you call me Punk, yes, that's what I go by in the real world. I don't respond to Dora and very few call me that. I got the nickname Punky when I was 3 years old and it stuck with me. I even sign my checks both business and personal Punk. When I was in my 20's my husband ask the family and friends to start calling me Punk instead of Punky and so it was shortened. By this time I already had his last name Kerr and so it wasn't until years later that punk rock came about. My name is always quite the conversation piece and it's been fun. Some think I own a punk rock band. This is why we don't assume. I play the accordian so I don't think that would work with a rock group. OM

Luvs or Anj do you know if it is ok to post a picture of a book if we give the author credit like I did for Belle with Bonney Iseman's book with her Coat of many colors santa? I would like to know an if it's not ok then please help me remove it. Thanks in advance for this.

You are all so nice and this forum is my relaxation and I can't thank you enough for keeping this going. Punk

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Hi Punk, actually I thought of some tv character called Punky Brewster when I heard your name. Can't really remember much about the show though!

As far as posting pictures, you need to look inside the front cover for any information about the copyright. Unfortunately many say the images cannot be "reproduced by any mechanical means". I don't think there would be a problem with showing a picture of the front of a book since those are shown on places like Artist's Club and other sites where you can buy books including the artist's own websites. I'm certainly not any expert in this area, but would advise caution. The only way I know of to remove a picture in a post is by deleting it on your picture program such as Photobucket, Flicker, etc.

I've often wondered if the copyright still applies to out of date books and magazines like the old Decorative Woodcrafts which is no longer published. Not even sure how or where to find the answer though.

I'm so glad you are enjoying it here with us, I know we certainly enjoy having you posting with us.


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The eye and mouth! How adorable, and the shading is great! As the say "they rest is just window dressing" I'm not into bears either but think I just changed my mind.


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Belle, Thanks. Isn't it funny what we end up liking sometimes. I'm not totally into bears either but hers are cute.
I want to get started on this landscape with lemons around it and I know it sounds like a crazy project. However I need to paint somethings to donate and these projects are not jumping out at me. I think it's been such a busy week that I'm tired and don't want to admit it. ha ha


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He is adorable. I finally broke down and got a rake brush, now to try it out.

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Diarich, Thank you so much. I still need to practice with my rake brush more but I like it so far. It only coast me $1.50 at Michael's on sale. Let me know how you like it and if you have any questions about using it, post and I'm sure Bebe will come to your rescue.

It's so fun to have this forum moving again. Please post some of your projects. Punk

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