Little Valentine Heart Magnets

anjabeeJanuary 27, 2010

Ok, so I didn't want to get onto a big project tonight so I decided to do a few little V-day magnets to put on my fridge and to have something fun to post here. ha I know ya'll are sick of my excuses....valid though they may be. =D So these are from the book Holidaze by Gaye Shoell. She is one of my favorite artists. Her designs were meant to be pins and jewelry, but I like making them into holiday magnets. These are about the size of a 1/2 dollar. I have some silver spray glitter that does a faint sheen of sparkle that I may spray them with too, but didn't know how it would make the photo look. Hope ya'll enjoy em. =) ~Anj

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They are sooooo absolutly cute! You were so clever to make magnets with the pin design.

Gail is one of my favorites too, her work makes me smile. I really enjoy doing her halloween projects especialy "Frankie".

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Anj....they are adorable! How big are they? They would make really cute lapel pins. The ones doing the kiss look like they are toothless faces doing a super big pucker.... so cute!

My first work was from Gaye, that was the year my DGS was born, 18 years! and I still love her work, but it is really hard to find one of her old books.

Thank you for sharing and the reminder of beloved memories!


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Thanks ya'll. They were quick to paint for me which is saying a lot since I'm so slow. ha City~ I did one of her witches and everyone loves it. Have been wanting to do the whole set from her Halloween holidaze book...I think it has Frankie, the Wolfman and more. Maybe I'll cut them all out this summer while it's warm and I'll have them ready to paint come September so I don't have to fight going out in the garage during the cold months.
Belle~ these hearts are about the size of a 1/2 dollar. Not very big. I've been lucky to find some of her books at the TS. Thanks again! ~Anj

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What cute little Valentine faces, Anj. They will look so cute on your fridge. I know the kids will love them too.

That is pretty smart of you to think to make them as magnets. They would be really cute to hang on a twig tree too--you know, where you stick a small branch in some styrofoam in a flower pot and hang little ornaments on it. Some people like to spray paint the tree white.

Like you and City, I like her Halloween creations. I had thought I was going to do Mr. and Mrs. "Frankie" this past Halloween, then didn't get them done. (No big surprise there!)

Good idea to get a few things cut out and ready for Fall. Don't do like me and put the cutouts in a bin and then forget what book the pattern was in! Wasn't it Belle who told us she always puts a tag on hers with the artist, book name, and page number on the wood piece? I thought that was a great idea.

Glad you found a bit of time to paint--I know you enjoy doing that, and it is so fun to have new things you have created.


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Great project and a painting job well done. Your little magnets are so cute. I have painted "Frankie" for my daughter.

Thanks for sharing amd hope you are well on your way with your next project. Punk

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My SIL liked them so much that she brought a bunch of hearts over today for me to teach her how to paint them. She has painted ceramics before, but never used a pattern for anything so I had fun teaching her and she picked it up quickly. We did different faces for some of hers so they all turned out differently. She is using hers on some kind of wreath. Her hearts were bigger than mine. I tested the spray glitter on the one that I call chicken lips (cause I made the heart for the lips a little too pointy and it looks like a beak to me) ha It smeared the whole thing!! I wasn't upset cause I really wanted to repaint the lips anyway so I'll just redo that one. It was fun getting to paint with her today.

Thanks Luvs and Punk!! I've got the painting fever now so you'll be seeing some projects from me while it lasts. ha ~Anj

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Thought I would jump on here for a minute while others are getting all comfy and ready to watch the game. I'm so excited that you have a paintin' partner. Also excited to see more projects.


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