Honey Bear and Hive

phonegirlJanuary 1, 2009

Are we ready for a change? Here's a jar by Paula Walsh in her 2002 book Bear's Inn Jars. My daughter loves apples, bee hives and bears. I'll give it to her on Monday when she comes up.

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Thought I'd share my new sign I got from DGD and show you what DH cut out for me today. That should keep me going for awhile. I couldn't resist trying some more new patterns out of the Christmas books I got for Christmas.OM

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PG~ that is a nice springish jar. Just what we need to get us out of the winter doldrums. =) Your daughter will love it. You did a great job shading that hive and I love all the little bees. I love painting jars. Another cute way to give a little gift to people filled with their favorite candy.
Very cute sign your DGD gave you. Bet it describes the spoiling just right. ha And looks like you've got enough projects there to last a few days anyway at the fast rate you paint. What are the big ones underneath gonna be?? hhhhmmmmmm? Guess you'll surprise us. ha Nice of your DH to cut those out for you and keep you in business. Can't wait to see what you have planned for those. =) ~Anj

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I haven't gotten into painting on alot of jars. I'd love to see your jars though. Do you have any left to show me? Sometimes I just need a change and this did it.

The larger cutouts are a couple of santas from an old book of Bonnye Isenhower it's called the Coat of Many Colors Santa. I still have 4 of the other holly jolly santas to paint and DH reminded me. ha ha

I had DH cut me out some coasters in the shape of stars or snowflakes (not sure till I go back to the book and look again), some tags & large snowflakes. Wonder where I got the inspiration for coasters? Thanks again. The other 18 stars are for Halloween but I will probably paint some as Christmas or for the 4th.

As you've probably noticed I'm still painting on stop signs. I thnik I'm down to one. I should try to come up with something for Valentines Day and put it on a stake. I keep looking but nothing is jumping out at me to paint.

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Phonegirl.........What I love the most about your jar is the bear, no the bee hive, well maybe the bee's - ah! I love it all!

I have never painted a jar but now I will have to start the search for some to paint.

Like you my DH cuts out everything but won't do the sanding. He says that I am to picky so I can do it. And I am so I do.

How about a picture of the book by Bonnye....might be nice to see.

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Phonegirl, before I forget it--when you mentioned your stop sign and Valentines, I immediately thought "Stop-in the name of love". LOL

What a precious sign from your DGD. Bet you will treasure it.

Love your jar and I'm sure your daughter will also. The last jars I painted were just with one stroke roses on them. I have the hardest time throwing away a cute jar. I've saved a few pickle jars and I have a cute vinegar jar that is ball shaped at the bottom that is almost empty. What do you use your jars for--just decoration? I like Anj's idea of putting candy in them, and she has really painted some cute ones. A friend gave me an unpainted jar full of bath salts once--could fill a painted one with that too.

Great that your DH did so many cutouts for you. Nice to have the piece ready to go when you are ready to paint. Sure glad to see all your pieces because that means we will be seeing more pics of finished projects soon! ;o)


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Nana's the name and spoilin' is my game. Luvs, I remember your pickle jars they were beautiful.
Here is a picture of Bonnye Isenhower's book and Santa I will be painting.

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What sweet faces on her Santas. Know you will have fun painting your's. Luvs

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