AJ Madison/Living Social Deal - Cancelled?!?

rmiriamMay 30, 2013

I just got an email from Living Social saying that AJ Madison can no longer honor it's deal. Fortunately, I also got a notice from PayPal that they refunded my money. Anyone else?

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We are all in the same boat. A few lucky ones got their order and refunded. I got a refund. AJ Madison is to blame.

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I wouldn't put all the blame on AJ Madison. I don't know what this particular deal was, but a local small business woman that I frequent had to cancel her LivingSocial deal because the salesman was pretty deceptive about how much money she stood to lose. The high pressure sales pitch went on and on about marketing and customers and making money, but she learned the hard way that the bottom line was, we paid LivingSocial $10 for $20 of merchandise, she got paid $5 of our $10, but then basically lost $15 on each person who redeemed. That was not a good business model for her.

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THe blame all goes to AJ; they worked with LS to create the deal, they shipped some orders, then raised their prices to try and recoup losses, and then cancelled everything. Not doing business wi them again.

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AJ Madison blamed it on Living Social. They said there were discrepancies in the offer and that LS had decided to pull it. That doesn't really make sense as it was very simple. Get $500 worth of appliances credits for $250. Doesn't seem like rocket science!

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I called and tried to give AJ a piece of my mind after the Living Social people claimed to be clueless about what happened. The AJ madison rep blamed LS, and offered me a whopping 5% off. My order was placed, but couldn't be shipped right away because there was a delay from the factory. I will get my refund, hopefully.

Suffice it to say, it was too good to be true which is just what my DH said when I first told him about it. I'm beyond annoyed and am pulling my Living Social acct and boycotting AJ Madison (not that little old me matters to them ;)).

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i had a window cleaning deal from a local vendor cancelled by LS. i have no idea what happened as they offered no explanation. i did get a manicure/pedicure deal go through, and when i showed up for the services the salon complained about how much money they were losing. i'm done with their "deals". too much aggravation.

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Wow... what a fiasco.

BTW, I also got kicked out of GW for posting links and had to get them to reactivate my user name.

Just goes to show, no good deed goes unpunished....

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Wow. I haven't heard anything from them about my order. Wonder if it will be cancelled too.

I will never do business with Living Social again after their terrible customer service.

As for the LS business model, that's pretty typical of how all these "deal" sites work. The benefit to the business is the advertising.

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That's too bad. I've purchase far more than a dozen deals through LS and a few through Groupon and Amazonlocal. I've never had one issue redeeming any of them. All of the vendors have been gracious and polite.

And you got kicked off, Carsonheim? Ri-dic-u-lous!

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I still love AJ Madison and will buy from them again in the future.i received a refund, too, about which I am kind of glad. I didn't really need anything, just felt the deal was too good to pass up.

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Wow, sorry to hear that. I never had a problem with LivingSocial or Groupon or whatever.
However, I think it's pretty straightforward and merchants shouldn't sign up if they don't want to go through with it. They can always limit the deal to a certain number of purchases, i.e. the first 1000.

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I have had difficulties with Groupon on several occasions; one from the company going out of business, one from the bike shop not actually doing the work promised on the deal (bike cleaning and tuneup, clearly not done); twice from the company claiming that I needed XXX$$ of additional work to repair problems they found, fortunately they had time to do it all that day! (I didn't fall for it, and the problems didn't exist), and 2 times from the merchant deciding that he didn't want to honor the groupon. In those last 2 incidents, Groupon was rather slow to make my refund -- they wanted to try to "work with the vendor" first. Oh, there was another one, they just stopped taking phone calls until after the Groupon expired

But, I have had some excellent deals and services too. So I am just more selective about what I buy now.

I was about to buy this LS deal when it was cancelled, glad I waited a bit! I bet it was LS who was having to give too many free deals out and so pulled it.

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