Lets discuss pendant lights in the kitchen over the sink

msjay2uJune 15, 2012

Hi there, I am small small kitchens poster and I wanted to ask about pendant lights. I did this seperate because I want to make sure I save room for my reveal photos in the original thread. I want to know about hanging lights over the sink area. How far up from the sink would they hang (I ask that vs how from down from the ceiling because my ceiling is so low LOL). I assume they should be 12" away from the wall (in my case picture window)

If you have more than one, how far apart are they (I want 3 but not sure if I want them all over the sink or spread out to include the counter)

Did you make yours and if yes where did you find the parts?

Can you post photos of yours

Thank you guys!!

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Oh good, I'm glad you posted this because I'm wondering the same thing. Did you post on the kitchens forum too?

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Here are some pendants that I thought were cute, if reminds me of what you are trying to do with your vases:

Here is a link that might be useful: Mason Jar Pendants

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My pendant hangs 28" from the sink. Here's a couple pictures I had:

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@ Marti8a no the last time I posted in there my question was erased. There was a couple of responses then the question disappeared. Not sure what happened.
@Primfan88- WOW the prices on those!! I just got all the parts to my lights today and I was fussing about the price but I think for 3 lights I paid $35. I only wanted to pay $5 a piece LOL. Hmmmph...I feel better now. Thanks! There is a light in Home Depot I swear looks like a glass cake lid. It was $179.
So how far UP from the sink is that or another measure is is it above your head, eye level or what? That is a very nice one. Did you make it?

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Hey msjay, Thanks! I'm 5'2" and it's just taller than me (maybe 5'3 or 5'4 from the floor) I got mine from Lowe's. It was a display that they had on clearance and I paid $5 for it. Woo hoo!

I really like the Edison bulbs you were going to get. I want to change mine out for them. I love the old look. :-)

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$5??? Are you serious? Wow I never get that great of a deal!! You got a good deal on that one!!

okay I am 5'9" so I guess I will put mine about a foot from my ceiling. LOL low ceilings are CRAZY!!

The real crazy thing is that the guy who built the house was a tall man. You would think he would have made the ceilings a little higher.

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PS I will have to wait until those Edison bulbs go on clearance which I know they will because not many people will want to pay $9 a bulb. That's outrageous

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In case anyone is interested here is a site where they show many items repurposed into lights. Wow I can't believe the prices

Here is a link that might be useful: repurposed pendant lights

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Yikes on the prices--the repurposed pendants and the mason jar pendants, but maybe they are considered works of art. We should all go into the business!

I have low ceilings so passed on a pendant--also my kitchen 'window' over the sink lines up with the real window across the adjacent room, and I wanted an unobstructed view. I still drool when I see a pretty pendant, though.

BTW, threads move fast in the Kitchens Forum, so today your post there (if it's the one about color) is on page 15.

Here is a link that might be useful: color question in Kitchens

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You're right mama goose. When I post a question on Kitchens or Decorating, I usually bookmark the post so I can find it again.

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Thats funny. I scrolled and scrolled looking for that post and i figured they deleted it because of being in this group. I was one of those people intimidated by their kitchens anyway. Most of what I saw in that group was way wayyyy out of my budget. Heck I think I saw appliance worth more than my whole kitchen put together. LOL Thanks for finding it. I must go there and read what was said...
Thaaaank you

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I know that to meet electrical code, where there is water around electricity, you have to be careful. Which is why they do not want a chandelier fixture over a bathtub, things like that. And, even though you are short, your arms and reach are just like taller folks. Plus, you have big cookie sheets and trays which you will be washing at the kitchen sink, and you do not want to hit them on the light fixture. Just for safety sake, plan on keeping it at least 30 inches above your counter top. I think with Candace Olsen she said with a chandelier to keep a chandelier 30 inches above the surface of a dining table, so you have an unimpeded view of folks across the table from you.

Working this out, a counter top is 36 inches high. Then you put the fixture 30 inches above that, and it is 5.5 feet from the floor. If you are taller than 5 feet 6 inches, you raise it up so you have a clear view out the window. I'm thinking with a seven foot ceiling, the pendant would be 12 inches below the ceiling, should you have a window over your sink.

I might be missing something here, but when I do my kitchen, I have an 8 foot 2 inch ceiling to deal with, and I want a garden window so I can see all the birds at my feeders in the garden outside there.

If it is going to be a problem, think about a different kind of focused light to shine on your task at the sink.

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