Add motorization to existing blinds/shutters?

jaxoJuly 20, 2014

I have sliding panels on my 2 sliding glass doors that are similar to vertical blinds, but it only takes 4 slats to cover an entire sliding glass door and they don't tilt open like blinds.
Both have the string loop control on the most inconvenient side because of obstacles like light switches or speakers in the way on the easier to reach side.

Is it possible to add motorization after the fact to these types of window coverings?
There is a power outlet right next to them in one room and about 4 feet from them in the other. Otherwise, battery operation would be fine.

Has anyone actually retrofitted these to exiting window coverings?

I'm also interested in adding motorization and remote control for opening and closing 6 plantation shutters, if such a device exists. This would need to be battery operated because wires running from all these plantation shutters without be ugly.
If they could be fully automated with a schedule to open in daylight and close when it gets dark outside, that would be be great.

Does anyone have recommendations that do not require buying new shutters and blinds?

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You could have them restrung to open from the other end which shouldn't cost much. I've done that with vertical blinds. I think I took them to a local 3-day blind place even though that's not where they were originally purchased.

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I don't want them strung on the other end because they were strung the way they were because the string would get in the way of a light switch and speaker otherwise.
This is why I'm interested in motorization so I could just operate them remotely or automatically on a schedule.

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Results of a quick search:

Here is a link that might be useful: Add a motor

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Maybe they can be changed from the continuous loop string to a wand pull and then I could use the wand to drag it open and closed from the easier to access side without having the sting mount connected to the wall.
Is conversion from string to wand ever done?

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I found something online called Shuttereaze that looks like it would be great for my plantation shutters, but it isn't for sale yet and they don't list prices.
If this actually ever becomes a real product that works as described and isn't overpriced, I would likely get it.

Youtube video link below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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