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gail1055January 24, 2009

I like to paint fan blades. At my show last fall someone asked me if I could do an entire ceiling fan for him. He wanted parrots on all the blades for the fan in his bar. Because I winter in Florida he mailed me the templates for his fan blades. I found some the same size and painted these for him. I then shipped them to him in time for Christmas. He said he'd try to send me a picture of the assemble fan but I don't know if he really will. Anyway I thought you might like to see my project.

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Gail....they are totally fantastic! Love the sky's and how the sun melts right into the ocean. The colors are vibrant.

Thank you for sharing!


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Gail, Your fan blades turned out great, again. Be sure and post a picture if you get one with the blades assembled. Punk

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You do such wonderful painting on those, and each parrot seems to have his own personality! Just love the vibrant colors and all the details you add such as the salt on the drink glasses. Just makes me smile--and thirsty! Luvs

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Now I bet that looks great in his bar! I hope he sends you a pic and don't forget to share it with us if he does! They are all so pretty. Love the strong colors. You do these so well. It would be hard to pick a favorite. Makes me feel warm (which is hard to do where I am!) and think of white beaches! ~Anj

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Thanks, I'm glad you like my parrots. I think these have become my favorite thing to paint. I'll probably have to bug this guy if I want a picture though. Gail

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What a great idea! I love the colors!
You did a beautiful job!

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Gail, they really look great. Very Key West feeling. You did a wonderful job. Where is this bar? Any place we might be going? It would be neat to see it.

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Sorry, you wont be visiting this bar any time soon. It's his personel bar in his converted garage. It's located in a subburb of Milwaukee WI. I think I may have to contact him and beg for a picture ;~)Gail

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These are just great! Where do you get the blades?

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