my room is small!

rosessecretgardenJune 29, 2010

My home is not that small. But the room i own is quite small :(

and i always get confused how to decorate it. Can you please help me figuring out the best way to do this.

My room has a double bed which has occupied much space.what if i replace this with floor bedding?

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Welcome to the Small House board. the more the merrier.

Pictures of your room now so some one can get an idea of your style might be helpful. Floor bedding might just get in the way more. May be better to have storage under the bed and have the bed higher up. What are the measurements of your room? Placement of doors and windows closets. To a small room might be a huge room to others.


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i wish i could give you a proper pic but i really do not have any such. but i can tell you its measurement. Its about 15 feet long and 12 feet wide.
the problem actually is that i have put too many things in that little room.
my bed
my dressing table
a little book shelf
a cupboard
a computer table too
now you can imagine how much stuffed that is :S
i guess i have to change my furniture with a little lighter one.

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if no pic, how about drawing it out on graph paper? mark doors, windows and draw in where your furniture is placed now. just make boxes, rectangles .... maybe use 1 box = 1 foot.

graph paper is free online - just google it, print it out, draw stuff in, then scan into your computer.

if you can draw straight lines on the screen you can just do it online. use your paint program? my lines aren't always that straight...

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Actually 12x15 is a pretty generous sized bedroom. One way I could see freeing up space is to change your bed to a storage bed. Then the stuff in the cupboard can go into the underbed storage and the cupboard can go. Also maybe you could go for a smaller computer desk.
Floor bedding would seem too inconvenient unless you are very young and agile.

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I agree with Loretta (idie2live). My room is almost that big - is your bed on one of the short walls or one of the wider walls? How many windows and doors and which walls are the on? Do you have any extra room in the closet or hall? Bookshelves often work well in a hall if the hall is wide enough.

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Shoot. We have a 14 1/2 by 12 1/2 room. Three door ways a 6 foot window.

There is a double bed two night stands two average sized dressers and a fairly large buffet, 4+ foot long, and a small drop leaf table a large trunk and another small table. OH and a tall cabinet. There is lots of room i there to get around.

You can do this with no problem. We really do need to see your floor plan and how large your dressers are and window and doors so do try to show us./ Better Homes and Gardens has an online program you can create your space on and the save it or do a print screen to same it and post it to show us. This will be fun.

OK this does not show all of the room and dang I forgot about the table at the end of th bed. There is a dresser on the wall out of the picture right next to the trunk on the right of it. And another dresser directly across from the table at the end of the bed on that wall. And the tall cabinet is to the left of the bed in the corner. You can just barely see the top of the buffet.

Dashing off now to get some more laundry on the line.


Here is a link that might be useful: Our room

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One of the things I did when I could not put my bed against the wall because of windows and heat/ac vents coming up through the floor (don't want to block the a/c) was to move the bed into the center of the room. To keep it from feeling "strange" I then had a 14 drawer tall chest which I backed up to it, also away from the wall. It really created a private dressing area not visible to the rest of the house or to any boat traffic passing on the nearby river. I painted the back of the chest lavender to match the walls of the bedroom. That was in 2004, and those pictures are not on my computer now. I do have a photo I can link to in my Webshots albums, and that shows the project midway.
The house had been vacant for 7 years, but not EMPTY because my friends stored everything in this house. I still love this little house, probably a kit construction built in the 1940s, but totally charming. Look at the rest of this album if you have the time, because it shows how much work we did to get me moved in.

But that is only one thing. Storage bed option is excellent. Also, use smaller chests as bedside tables.
A nice upholstered rolling desk chair can be used for a reading chair too and work nicely with a smallish desk having 2 file drawers.

Goodness, a 12 x 15 room is VERY large! How lucky you are.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bed & chest in middle of room

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It says the message moved...not that I know of, so I will try again.

This is the main link:
then look for the album
Go down to photo #37 out of 63 photos in that album.
I hope this link works taking you direct to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riverhouse bed & chest away from wall

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OH Wahhhh the link is not working.

This sounds like a great idea ML. And painting the back of the cabinet is perfect!! I think tall cabinets or even backed book cases make great room dividers.


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AH Ha it worked thanks. And this dresser is not all that tall. This gives me pause to Hummmmmmmmmm in my own room. Dang it gal you gonna get me in trouble. My DH hates room changes. Hehehehe

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Shades, I have a couple of friends who groan every time I make a suggestion. They tell me I am their MUSE. I really like that. :)

Also, when I was part of Keep Mobile Beautiful, the director told me one day, after I'd thrown another idea out there, "You have a lot of good ideas, just TOO MANY OF THEM." I like that too. :)

Rearranging furniture is NO PROBLEMA unlike remodelling.
In such cases, I take it one step at a time. However, as I've gotten older, I do not hesitate too long. The clock is ticking.

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"I do not hesitate too long. The clock is ticking."

good point. my sister has been asking me for a yr about my 'new' place and keeps asking 'is it going to be in this lifetime?' I was also beginning to wonder about that...

that is a big bdrm. bigger than I'll have. I have a qn sized bed, an antique dresser, chest, dressing table, 2 night stands, a chair and tv stand I plan to put in it. my old furniture is big.

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guys! first of all let me thanks all of you for all the help you are offering here. i will try to do this graph work too. but i seem to agree with those who prefer a storage draws below my bed. and i will replace that huge computer table with a small one. i guess that will change the situation far better :)

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