snowmen fan blades

gail1055January 26, 2009

Here's something new I tried painting around Christmas and all my friends wanted one. I've painted 5 of these guys so far. Gail

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Those are both really cute Gail. That first little guy just looks so "joyful" he made me smile, but both are really neat. Your shading, lettering, and all the details just looks so great. Luvs

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The weather may be frightful but your fan blades are delightful. I like both the little snowmen on the fan blades and blue is always a good color choice. Punk

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Aw those are cute! Love the color blue you used. They are both great, but the first one is my fav. Looks like he's dancing in the snow and I like the snow on the lettering. Your friends are lucky! Glad you stopped by to share! We've missed ya! ~Anj

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Gail, you have taken fan blades to a whole new level...they are so cute and I also like the snow on the lettering in the first picture....makes the words part of the picture not just added on.

I am going to have to start looking at garage sales for ceiling fans!


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Glad you like them. After I did one I decided to add the snow to the lettering. Then I tried scambling the letters on unassembled. Now I've got a couple more friends that one. ;~) Gail

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They are so cute! I Love them!

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