Megan's Heart

phonegirlJanuary 18, 2009

Opps! I forgot to post my last project. So here goes. This is Megan's Heart from JMP and it is a very fast project. I already had the base coating done so that's a big help.

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Darn Photobucket won't let me get a larger view, but it sure looks cute. Love the border around the edge. Is this for Valentine's Day? Luvs

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Wow, that Photobucket is really messing up but I'll try again. When I did a minute ago it had all the wording and a picture but I still couldn't enlarge it. Oh Man

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Precious face! And your flowers and leaves are great...I hate doing leaves, they always turn out awful....yours are so good!
And his "belly button" how cute!

Thanks for sharing!


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That is so adorable. Love the little sign and the delicate flowers and of course the bear. Who is this one for?? You know you have to keep some of your projects! ha I just realized that the other day. I have to make sure I'm keeping some things for myself. ha

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Thanks Belle and Anj, The leaves and flowers are done with a round brush. Simple fast process. I used 3 different colored paints with each and just dabbed my paint brush into the different ones and let them blend some as I went. The leaves you use the end of your brush to get a point and the flowers you push down on the brush to make a ball and then pull down. Does this help? One thing to always remember is a good artist never seems to make things perfect. Relax and keep trying new things.

This is a terrible picture but it does look better than it showed up, and varnish always helps. I will give this with the Love Bug for the auction.

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Oh good, it enlarged for me this time so I could see all the cute details. What a sweet, sad little face--makes you want to pick him up and give him a big squeeze. Love all the vines, and it's neat that you used non-traditional valentines colors. I know they will just love it. Luvs

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Thanks Luvs, I think he is sad cause he wants you to say yes to him and pick him up and squeeze him. LOL Punk

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