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caliroseJanuary 4, 2011

I started painting this on a 12 x 36. I liked how it was going, but now it feels to crowded on the left and too much blah on the right. I have penciled a farmer and placed him where his attention is needed at the empty rows. Placing him elsewhere doesn't work.

The thought behind the painting is: One of the smaller children planted their seeds in the stump instead of the ground. So plants will be coming out of the huge old stump.

1. Leave it alone and finish the picture

2 Start another picture on smaller canvas

3. Bring barn forward into crop area.

Thanks From Acrylic and Oils From Acrylic and Oils

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Cali, wish I could help you on this one but it is beyond me. I have only painted a few landscapes so I'm clueless here. Hope others will jump in and offer some advise for you. I'm sure it will be beautiful when your done.


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Wonderful painting! You are right however. Something with the proportions is not quite right. I looked outside at my fields... house, barn and trees look good. I think perhaps the stump is a bit large.. yes I know.. you want it to hold a child, but it seems really large. Most of all though, it seems the farmer is way too small. When I looked at our fields and the pictured DH standing about where your farmer is, his head would come almost to the horizon. Try it and see. Love your idea, cute story line.


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Thanks Punk and Joan for replying.
Joan, I completely agree with you and the farmer is too small. And enlarging him will help reduce the stump size. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

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Punk, I agree with Joan. I think the size of the farmer is what's throwing you off. Draw him larger on a piece of tracing paper then lay it over what you have now to see how it feels. You can also flip the tracing paper over and move him to the other side of the stump to see if it feels more balanced with him there instead. Continue to work on the plants coming out of the stump and you will begin to sense if something needs to be added on the right side. If you put the farmer on the right side of the stump maybe there can be some birds eating the seeds out of one or two of the rows behind him. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.

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H&C, good idea. I had also thought of having the farmer come from the house towards the stump. The image of the farmer is on paper; I tore him into to stretch him an that did make a difference.

H&C, I like the ideas of the birds eating in the field!


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Calirose......not being a farm/country girl until I married my DH I asked him to take a look and he noticed that you have plowed right through your stump, whereas you would in reality either stop on one side and start again on the other or plow around the stump, so your earth would circle around the stump. He said your farmer is the right size if he was closer to the stump. He also asked if there was a upright picture, which would give a better view of the picture.

I think your stump looks great. Have you tried enlarging the building a bit? I have and don't think I would ever try a many variables! But.. Go Girl!

Belle & DH

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