Extreme help with roses

urbanekdesignJanuary 31, 2009

Hello again everyone.

I have a small art studio. I teach one-stroke and a lot of kids classes. I have had this woman come in to me for the last 4 months every week. I really appreciate how much she comes. The problem is that she wants to paint these amazing roses. They are portrait roses. Now i can paint a mean one stroke rose but that's about it. I know that if I can't help her paint these roses she is going to leave and in this economy I hate to lose a student. So what I need is a step by step rose study. Does anyone have any hints or links to any tutorials.

Thanks so much for your help


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maybe you could find some help here it often works for me. good luck. don't forget to post your photos would like to see your album I have no Idea what to seal it with. you might try a search for altered books I think that would give yo what you need here is a link for painting roses


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Hi Jenn, Our own forum member, Painting Fool, does a nice soft stroke rose. She posted a worksheet for us which I have printed off but can't find where it's stored on my computer right now. You could give her a shout, and maybe she could help you.

You might also like Donna Parella's big, fluffy roses. Take a look at this ebay site listed below. Her topiary book shows her roses.

You might also take a look at Ros Stallcup. She has a DVD that you can order for a tissue box with hydranga and roses for only $10.00. Here's a link:http://www.gransgarden.com/dvds.html


Here is a link that might be useful: Donna Parella roses on ebay

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There are lots of how-to videos on youtube. Just go to www.youtube.com and put in paint roses in the search. You'll see lots of step by step videos on different rose painting techniques so maybe some there that will help you. Good luck! ~Anj

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It's great to have you joining us. You and Luvs paint a mean one stroke and I haven't accomplished that so I can't give you the proper help. I can't imagine if you have the one stroke down that it would be hard to paint the others. I've tried a few and know I'll get it just not sure how long it will take.LOL

I wish I could get youtube to work on my computer but for some reason it doesn't. I think that would help anyone that like hands on and I'm that kind of girl.

Looks like some of the others have sent good tips your way. Good Luck, Punk

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