I am a mean mom today

mom2emallFebruary 20, 2009

This morning I was a mean mom.

Started with the boys. They made a sock guy out of the clean socks in their drawer. Stuffed all their clean socks into a big sock and were giggling. I too thought it was funny. Then I told them to go put all their socks back because it was close to time to go. Well somehow one of them was in the bathroom and dropped it into the toilet..before they flushed it!

So no clean socks now! So mean mom to the rescue....I gave them each a clean pair of girls socks to wear. Just white socks with pink at the heels and toes...would be covered by their shoes. They both had a fit about it and I said I am not the one who put all my clean socks in the toilet! And I told them they had to wear socks to school!

After we got through that they cleaned up their breakfast bowls. All the kids have been told numerous times to dump any leftover cereal into the garbage from their bowls...not to leave it in the bowl when they put it in the sink. Well my ds forgot. I saw the mess as I was loading the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher. I called ds over and pointed it out. He apologized. Being the mean mom I am I said it was no problem at all and no apology needed...he could just clean it out of the sink!!

The look on his face was priceless. I heard all kinds of EEEWWWSS and GROSS!! as he was cleaning the sink with his bare little hands. I think a few tears emerged.

So He told me today how mean I am. I am thining of making myself a cape to wear when they get home. Maybe take an old towel and make it into a cape and put two big M's on the back...for MEAN MOM!


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My brother & I once had to share dishwashing duty.

He had to turn his face upward to look down his nose at me, but he did it, & pronounced that washing dishes was women's work & I'd have to do it all.

Luckily, my mother heard him & straightened that out.

Then he decided that the way to get out of washing dishes was to be very very bad at it, so he put dishes into the rack with crusted-on food, put forks in the drawers with spaghetti stuck to the tines, broke a few dishes.

didn't work.

(I do like the idea of the cape.)

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Great parenting in my book!
Perfect illustration of the 'Natural Consequences approach --

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Well I did not make my cape. But I dug out my old class pictures from elementary school and showed them to the kids. Is it bad they laughed so hard they almost peed their pants....and then they continued laughing so hard for like 5 minutes and could not even talk???

Its funny how clothes and hair styles change so much.

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and you are pretty young...Now imagine my elementary school pictures...or even high school...pretty funny...

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Just think of them when you do something you know you shouldn't. I asked my kids to take their dirty dishes to the sink. The first time my new husband saw them do that he was shocked that they did it without being told or whining about it. After that he carried his dishes to the sink also. One morning I told my son, you know better than to leave the lid off the tooth paste, my husband raised his head and looked a little embarrassed and said I did that. Priceless.

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When we were camping SD10 was going to have breakfast and she couldn't find a clean bowl for her cereal. So she stood there and just waited for the bowl to run to the sink.. FDH said 'just rince a bowl sweetie, we haven't done dishes yet'. SD10 stared at him in disbelief and replied :"I'm on holidays you know.."
HAHAHA, skids!!!!

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