Got my phone hooked up - So will be moving on over this weekend!

desertstephJune 9, 2012

It's probably taken me 2 wks (off and on) to get one done. went straight for my bdrm on the first one. wires were hanging out there which helped. The black outer wire was weird (I'm sure the new stuff) and was hard to splice thru. there's probably a nifty tool to do it easily. Some days I just didn't feel like messing with it. Then too, my car's been dead 3x in the past 12 days. jumped once and the 2nd time the guy came here and fixed the battery cable... I spent most of one day here in the heat waiting for him (by the phone incase he called). Being in the heat that long really did me in - for about 2 days after that.

I have a jack that is a flat rectangle with plug in places on either side. one says dsl and one phone. never used one like that (from my BIL). I'll put that on tomorrow. Not sure I'll have any energy to do much tomorrow 'cause I'm taking my car in about 10 a.m. for a few things (ck up/hoses, oil change). I don't want any bulging hoses to pop on me in this heat!

I've been doing things here (old place) in the mornings and late at night and packing a cooler bag to go to new place in the afternoons (heat of day) with pup. I've spent lots of time there counting shelves (so I don't rebuy what I have here somewhere) and measuring for them. Did get 2 more put up last wk and then decided I wanted another shelf under the rod in 2 closets. I'll have to buy those on my next trip to L's and put up next wk.

took over 1.5 of the 2 tall plastic drawer stacks I use here. The .5 I'll use in my bdrm closet in place of bathroom drawers (that's what i used 'em for here). the other stack will go into the laundry/mud room for tools and parts (same use here). When I get cabs put up in there I'll get rid of it. I only took half of the one over cause it's too much for me at a time. Had to split it up. Spent my afternoon's over there cleaning those out plus 2 little 3 drawer stacks I have (that I'm putting on a pantry shelf for things I don't have drawers for yet in the kitchen). Scrub-a-dub-dub every afternoon for maybe 3 days now.

Most things aren't over there yet but enough is that I can spend the night (taking my trusty cooler with me for ice). Then I'll trot back over here in the a.m. to clean, pack and carry stuff over there. Spend the afternoons there re-cleaning and putting things away (not a lot of places to put things yet - no dressers or storage cabs there). Then I'll return here about 7 pm to fix me dinner and maybe clean a bit more. or not - lol!

The bad part will be that I can't see puppy from over there (this place is in the way). But, she will be in her pen with it's very high fencing around it - some w/barbwire on top of it. She'll be safe.

down the road I'll work on wiring a phone line into the tv room. It was prev wired for one in the kit but that's just steps away from the TV room so I probably won't do that. i'll just put a flat cover plate over it. If I ever need another one, I'll do it then.

oh, I've also spent a good bit of time during the past few afternoons cleaning up the filter thingy to the stove hood/vent. ick. but it's shiny clean now! I was peeking up under that hood to see how icky it was there. Didn't look too bad but will wait til someone pulls out the old stove to clean under the vent. Then I happened to look (for about the zillionth time) AT the hood. Getting a bisque colored one to replace it was on my list to do down the road. Guess what? It IS bisque! duh! doesn't take me long to catch on to these things... I double checked using a very white light switch cover and a bisque one. the hood matches the bisque one and doesn't match the very white one. Well, what a savings in money, time and hassle that is!

I think I need to recount my shelves again...

oh, I'll be attempting to move my computer over there too. I hope I can get all the plugs replugged into the right places. I'm gonna do a drawing of it before I unplug anything. and take a picture.

If I'm not on here for a few days/wk, it means I screwed up on it...

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They have this degreaser in Lowes with orange oil called Zep Commercial Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser. I promise you effortless cleaning with this stuff. I even sprayed some in my oven and let it sit for an hour and bam...oven looked new. I was amazed by it! I hate to wear gloves and to my amazement when I finished using this stuff my skin did not break out or crack up like it usually does when I "forget" to put on my gloves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Zep degreaser

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

WooooHoooo--moving day--exciting, but exhausting, too. Great news on the hood vent!

Sending you good vibes for re-installing the computer--I'd have no idea where to start, but I remember taking pics of all the connections for the pool pump and filter, printing the pics, and putting them with the pool equipment, so that I could find them the next summer. ;)

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Sounds like a plan Steph. Lots of work.

OK on the pictures of hooking up computer. May I suggest you cut small squares of paper and number them. Two of each number. Then when you unplug one cord put a number taped to cord and matching number taped over the place it was plugged in. Or just mark cords and plug in places with a sharpie marker with matching numbers as you unplug them. That works the best if the back of your computer box is not too dark.

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Yippee! I'm glad you are moving. I have been really concerned about you in the old place with doors that won't shut.

Good ideas about numbering and taking pictures. I wanted to clean a tool and took pictures as I took each layer off. Made it a snap to put back together, and I was so glad I took pictures because I couldn't remember which direction some of the parts faced after I had it all cleaned.

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Yeah ! The end is near. Make sure you have clean sheets ready for the bed. I want to take a nap after reading your post !
"The bad part will be that I can't see puppy from over there "--that is so thoughtful desert.
Great news on the hood too.

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Steph, good for you!!
It's been a long time coming, and you deserve it, honey.
You will make it, computer and all. I did what Shades suggested when I moved my computer. But I soon learned that you don't have as much wiring if you get a LAPTOP. So that is
what I have, with a wireless router and a wireless printer.
I HATE cords everywhere.

Take it easy. Rome was not built in a day, and it sure wasn't ARIZONA weather.

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LOL ML, I did that too. At first the laptop was just for work, and I used the desktop to play, but after watching dh & the kids sitting in their recliners in front of the tv with their laptops, I became a convert. Nothing better than kicking back in the recliner with a drink and the laptop.

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OH Yah we went laptops years ago. And now with the batteries lasting so long we can go any where in the house or front porch or even garage on the wireless system. I do keep my printer in my studio with a couple other computer things but the desk top went away for good. Lap tops and small houses just go together. And the lap tops now are every bit as powerful as desk tops. the only thing with a desk top is it is easier to do upgrades.

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msjay - I did use a degreaser on it. I bought some the other yr to use on the door of my little oven. Maybe I wouldn't have also needed to use a sos pad and brush with Zep tho.

marti - the funny thing about the doors here vs the ones there. I'm usually careful to lock the ones at the new place (even tho there IS a key on the outside of the one - lol!) then I remember that here they hardly closed let alone locked. I'll take the key out at night. I have to lock the security door from the outside when I leave or it will fly open. I need to get a 'closer' thingy for each door yet.

shades - today I found an old VCR tape label - I think I'll cut that into strips and # them and wrap them around the cords.

i thought about a laptop 2 yrs back when I got this one but figured I wouldn't be safe with a laptop. I'd drop it or lose it... the CPU on this one is much smaller and lighter than the old one tho. that's a help! I always still get a corded mouse - so I can't lose it - I can just pull on the cord... It really would make it easier tho, i could use it in the bdrm when i'm in there (sick, tired) and take it to the tv room w/me on my better days. IF I thought I wouldn't drop/lose it.

eatreal - got clean sheets and clean mattress pad all ready and waiting. Will put on tomorrow - after puppy is put 'to bed' (the 'puppypen') for the night. At least I'll have 1 night w/o paw prints on the bed.

ML - glad you posted! I was thinking about you earlier and decided if you hadn't posted by the time I got back on here I was gonna post on other threads asking if anyone knew if you were ok.
it sure has been a long time coming - and will take a lot more time but at least I'll be over there. I think I should put a sign outside that says 'Rome'!

I didn't do much there today because I had to take the car in about midmorning, then a bit later I went to the store. I also stopped at the pet store to get puppy another toy. She's already chewed up the one I got about 2 wks ago so I needed to look for a better one that she can't chew up easily. I lost my keys in the store - that took a good 20 min. to track them down. That was stress I didn't need and I was zapped when I got home.

About all I got done was to rearrange a few things on the 'new' shelves in my closet to make room for my clothes. I'll take a bunch of those over there tomorrow.

btw - that hood color still cracks me up. I've only cleaned that thing 3 or 4 times in the past yr. ya think I'd notice what color it was by now!

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Steph, you can get a cordless phone setup, which has a base station and some "satellites." I have that setup. Where the hardwiring is, you plug in the base station to that. And, you plug in a power plug from the base station into the house wiring.

Then, you take the "satellite" or "slave" units to any room in the house, and plug them into the power plugs. Nice thing about it is, you can relocate them without any hard wiring. I have the base station for mine here in the study. Then I have one slave in the bedroom. And the other slave plugged in out on the sun porch where I like to sit and read or eat breakfast.

You set the slave wireless phone units into their small cradles to charge. Then if you are going outdoors, one of the slaves can be in your pocket. The range it can work is dependent on thickness of walls etc away from the main base station.

You might wish to have one in your bedroom and one in your kitchen, besides the base station where ever the hard wiring is located.

If you "lose" one of them, you can always "page" it and it will keep ringing until you locate where the ring is coming from. I sort of "lose" a unit every now and then, but it never goes far away. :) You can buy good ones at WalMart or any of the electronics stores, or office supply stores. Google it to see which one you like. Many features available. Like answering system, big caller ID display, redial, add on up to 8 slave units (they come with either one or two slaves, but others can be added on if you like.)

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oh ML! that'd be awesome! I've been using old phones my sister gave to me - but i'm finding out why she (her dh) replaced them! Most do have the very large keys that I like tho.
I will look for those phones with 'slave' units. I'd only need 2 slave units. that'd make a total of 3. 1 slave would really be enough since I only planned on 2 phones in there.

I didn't get the computer moved over today. What I thought was ph jack with plugs for ph and 1 for dsl line is really just a splitter. I decided I should look it up online and read about it before just thinking it'll work for what I need it to do.

I did get some clothes moved over, got more plastic bin drawers cleaned. I now have 4 of 6 cleaned and in the now clean framework. Tomorrow I can put some of my tools and other thingies I use often into the 2 top shallow drawers and that will give me back space on my 'table' (what was in there and will be taken out later).

I keep losing things and spend lots of time walking around looking for things. Tomorrow I hope to get the other 2 shallow drawers cleaned - i have enough phone jacks/line and outlet covers to pretty much fill one of those. At least then they'd be in one place when I need one of them.

I set up a plastic 'shoe box' to confine the different types of tape I have over there. And one for shelf/other wood ? brackets. Can't believe how many of those I have.

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I keep losing things too steph. It is so frustrating. I keep trying to remind myself to put stuff up and not just lay it anywhere. Really hard right now with all my stuff in piles.

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at least I'm not alone in this then... I think I'm trying to drive myself nuts. Except another part of me thinks I'm already there! It is very frustrating. I keep telling myself it won't be like this forever - even if it seems like it will.

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I did find out today that the outlets I thought I'd use are on the light switch. That probably won't work for the computer... AND the phone jack is 8' maybe from where I'll be setting up the computer - I don't know that the phone line is that long. Is the DSL line just a phone cord? Earlier I was thinking it was a cable into the CPU that I needed that long (another duh!). I find it amazing I accomplish anything really...

Also, since that one outlet box is on the light switch I have to rethink what I can plug in there. I like being able to switch on a side lamp when walking into the room at night but it'll be on the other side of the bed and I don't want to crawl over to turn the lamp on/off or get up and go to the switch. Can I also put a remote box in the outlet and plug the lamp into that? (I can ask the electrician)
I also won't be able to use a phone there that needs plugged in (I can use one that doesn't need plugged in there). The 'test' phone I used the other day IS a plug in one and I did plug it in - just didn't realize it wasn't getting any juice at the time. I figured it was just broke and got another one out of the box. The ringer on this one is very, very low. I even thought a few times it was a phone ringing on the TV! lol! I'll have to see if it has a switch to increase the ring volume.

I also don't like the idea of having to plug most everything into the one other outlet box on that wall. That's tv, directv box, vcr and then everything to the computer - CPU, speaker, monitor (I'm assuming that the monitor needs plugged in - haven't checked it yet). Those outlet strips do have 6 plug ins on them tho so maybe it isn't too many. It just bothers me.

I did stay over there til 9pm. the last hr or so I was just watching tv. It was nice. I so hope I can switch this over tomorrow. I'm going to look up 'DSL cord' and see if it is just a phone cord. There's a super long one of those on that phone from my sister so I'll be ok if i can use it.

oh goody. online it says I can use a phone cord. yippee!

i did finish up cleaning those plastic bins. They're all set up now and about half of them have stuff in 'em. I set up the top of it like a surgery instrument tray - lol! laid out the most used items - screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, level and stud finder. I can grab what i need as I walk by it and drop things back off on my way out at end of day (or 'quitting' time). That's how it should work in my mind anyway.

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yahoo! I'm over here for the night - with computer! I was really tired and would have liked to put it off but it's to be 108 tomorrow so it had to be tonight.

I got it all set up in time to shut it down and crash - I'm so tired!

oh, can't manage to have phone and computer at same time... the splitter didn't work (falls out of the wall). So after I shut down here I'll plug the phone in for the night. Will work on having both tomorrow.

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I've been wondering if you got in and got everything settled. I am so glad you are over there full time now. I feel a lot safer for you. lol

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Steph I just bought a new set of the phones ML was telling you about. On sale at staples. The one I bought has a corded phone for base as I wanted that if power went down. Then two satellite phones. LOVE them. Base also has answering machine in it. I was going to take my old set to thrift store. I will be happy to send them to you if you want them. They work fine. I just wanted one corded phone and I also wanted the ability to turn off the ringer and the old set does not have that.

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marti - I don't have most of my things in here yet, but am mostly staying here. I go over to the old place now for an hr or 2 to clean / pack and bring a few small things to the new place. I go there a few times a day for ice, food and when putting puppy in her pen (the pen is behind the old place). While there I grab a thing or 2 to bring back here.

thx for being concerned. I'm surprised at myself for being careful to lock the doors here - after living 10 yrs w/doors that barely shut let alone lock! That could be because here is bigger, I'm more removed from the doors and 'here' has open access to get thru rooms. In the old place anyone fool enough to 'break in' would fall/trip w/in a few steps and break an arm or leg - if not kill themselves - lol! They certainly wouldn't get to me w/out making lots of noise.

shades - that's so nice of you to think of me w/the phones. If you don't get 'em to the 2nd store real soon I might take them (would pay you postage of course). A few yrs back I did look at phones at radio shack and hardly saw any I really liked. So many are smaller now, keys are smaller, many have much I'll never use that will just confuse me. I like the ones w/the big buttons because of my fingers and sight (or lack of). I can see the #s w/o my glasses in an emergency. I planned eventually to get a new phone but until I could decide I've been using those my sister gives me. I've had so many other things to deal with that I put a new phone low on the list.

I'm so unsmart about phones these days. Wouldn't unrelated phones work in different jacks in the house anymore? like those that aren't part of a set?

one problem I've had with the phone I have is not hearing it ring. It's a very low ring. between that and the tv I guess i should have my hearing checked...ugh!

Here the air handler, a/c and fan will all work against me hearing a phone ring. Having the tv up loud to hear over all of those things won't help that situation.

I'll look online at some phones and see what they have these days. I don't think I'll be able to get out this next wk as the temp will go up to 107 on Sunday and at least thru next Fri will only go up from there to 111. yikes. I have so many things I should get done too but don't think I should go out in these temps.

does the main phone to your set have big keys? voice up/down? don't know what that's called but I usually set it as high as it will go on phones.

a main problem I'm having now is seeing my caller ID - because it doesn't show up. That's because the modem I bought last yr didn't have a 'line in' spot for the phone on it. I had no idea I needed to have that. I'd already had to return 1 modem and it was horribly hot out and I'd already checked all the stores w/in 20 miles of me. So, I get dsl static on it if i don't use a filter on the phone. If i use the filter the caller ID doesn't show. What a mess that all is. I've been picking up the phone any time it rings over 4 times because then it might be someone I know instead of someone trying to sell me something or take a survey. I need to call the phone co tech people and find out if my only solution to this is to get a different modem. that'd be a bummer.

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Hi Steph,

The phones I have all have small keys.This would be your biggest problem as the keys are about 1/4 inch is all. If that. Might not work for you. I am happy to ship them to you. I do not have a paper version of the manual but I do have it on my computer and could email it to you.

I do not have caller ID so no idea how to use it. I think these phones have it. There is an answering machine on it too but I never used it since I already had one on the other phone. I only have the basic stuff set to work on our phone.

As you said there is way more programs on the phones then I would ever use. Even the new ones. I just ignore what I do not need.Keep it simple.

The old phones do have a fairly loud ring and when all of them ring at once spread through out the house it is quite loud.

These phones do not need a jack except the one base phone. They might interfere with DSL I am not sure. We have wireless internet in the house from the modem. The internet line hooks to that one cord and not at all to the phone.

I turn my ringer totally off on my new phones. This is why I wanted them. I do not answer my phone ever. I let the machine do it for me with a terrible nasty message. The phone is for me to make calls out as I need. NOT for city people to call and bother=*itch me out about their flipping water bills at 7AM in my living room. Loving having my privacy back. Very few people leave me a message. Right now I AM protecting my health.

If you do not want them I might take them to the city office. I hate being tied to a cord down there. but then I still have another phone I can take there. so either way I will have a cordless office phone.

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wow shades - only a qtr inch keys? I measured mine and 1 has about 1/2" keys and the other has 3/4" keys - lol! yeah, I need big keys. That does limit my options when I look for a phone. I sure do appreciate you thinking of me tho. It might have worked out if it had bigger keys. I posted a link to a phone w/keys like I have - they make it much easier for my shaky fingers to hit the right one.

I do think that I could possibly use one w/smaller keys out in one of the other rooms if I don't call out from it. The caller ID would have to be big tho or I wouldn't answer it.

I looked online a bit at T and amazon they have some with the big buttons. I think if we ever get a cooler day here I'll stop over at our T store and see what they have.

I do get the idea w/ the added phones now (probably did and forgot) - they don't need to be plugged into a jack. that would save me some wiring.

It's hard to believe people would call you at home about their water bill. like you have that info there? so rude even if you did. I did have someone call me at a city office on a Sunday night about 9pm tho. amazing that someone would think a city worker would even be there... lol - but I was. We didn't have caller ID so I did answer it. could have been my boss or security etc.

I sure do understand not wanting incoming calls. that's what i use my caller ID for - I can see who is calling. If it isn't a # of someone I know I just don't answer. 800 #s don't get picked up! And i don't want an answer machine anymore either. hated weeding thru the 'sellers' and hang ups. When I remember I scan back thru my caller ID if I've been outside or gone. usually I don't even remember to do that. I really don't care much for talking on the phone.

what does a wireless modem hook up to?

btw, one of the phones i saw online also had a light on it that lit up when a call was coming in. that sounds like a good thing!

Here is a link that might be useful: big button phone

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Regarding the outlet controlled by the switch - did you check that the switch controls both the top and the bottom outlet? Sometimes they only control one of them and the other is a regular outlet.

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Steph, you may need a phone ringer amplifier. My neighbor has one and I can hear it if I am outside, but I've been in her house when her phone rang and it wasn't deafening or anything.

Hers looks a bit like the Sonic here.

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dekeoboe - I did check that. I always thought it was just the top outlet - so I was very surprised. Why would anyone want both on the switch? what besides a lamp? what am I missing in this? lol! thx for thinking of it tho - I often miss the most obvious things. even w/my glasses on!

marti - I bought one of those many yrs back to put on the ext by front door so I could hear it outside. that thing is so loud I'm sure my neighbors could hear it 2 or 3 acres away! They'd probably think it's some sort of weather warning or distress plea. I still have it but need something I can hear w/o scaring my neighbors - lol! It scared me and i knew what it was.

I know little about sound levels listed on those things (I looked some up on amazon). What would be considered loud but containable to 2 acres?

I did hope that in here w/ maybe 3 phones ringing it'd be easier to hear it. So far I've only got one connected tho. That is even part time because it has to share time w/the internet until I get another jack put in - and find the filter for the phone. I have no idea where I put it.

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Steph - They do both because it is less wiring. Your posting reminded me that when we built our house we had them put in several switched outlets, so after I read your post I asked my husband if they did one or both outlets - he said both. I asked why, and he said lessing wiring. That makes perfect sense with the electricians we had.

And do you need another jack or just a splitter? We have a splitter with a built in filter - they are very cheap.

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dekeoboe - thx for that answer. I can see it being easier and cheaper just to do both rather than split them out. Still, the 2nd one would be tricky to use. Who would want to switch off their alarm clock when turning out the light for the night?

thx also on the splitter. I thought I wasn't supposed to use a splitter for dsl/phone (but they make 'em...). I probably got that from the phone co person (who probably wanted to sell me a new modem).

do you happen to know if the caller ID would work with a splitter like this? I had my phone plugged into a jack (same line, different wire tho) with a filter in the old place and the caller ID didn't work. just in case you know that bit of info - lol!

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I have one from my BIL - like one linked below - will get it and try it to see if caller ID works with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: splitter

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i tried the one i had and it doesn't work. the little pluggy thing in the back (sort of like the plastic end that plugs into the jack) doesn't 'snap' in - and it falls out. maybe it has a piece broken off and my sister didn't know. There's no noticeable break on the back.

if i get out before the heat is on tomorrow I'll stop into W and look for one.

"And do you need another jack or just a splitter? "

I forgot this earlier. hmmm... well, one or the other I guess. Is your splitter in 1 jack and then the dsl and phone into that?

If I had another jack in here that'd work too. I had 2 in my old bdrm. Ran the phone to one and dsl to the other. I tried that to see if the caller ID would work if wired separately. it didn't.

Maybe if on a splitter the caller Id would work?

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oh dear. I found my ringer amplifier box. I brought it in under the light to see if it said anywhere on it how loud it was... and duh, on the back there's a switch with options - H, M or L. It's set on H. So guess I should try that on L and see if it's loud enough for me w/o my neighbors hearing it too.

I don't remember having those options.

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Yes, Steph, the caller ID will work the type of splitter I posted above. We have DISH TV and the caller ID comes up on the TV as well as being announced by our phones.

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I went to W today and they didn't have one like that! It's good to know it will work tho.

I'm not sure when i'll get out again. I did ok in the heat before noon today. was only 104 still...

I did pick up a double jack - 1 plug in for dsl and 1 for phone. I'll have to run another wire tho. I'd have to think on doing that. I think the hole into the house for the ph wire is blocked by a huge slab of cement.

I also picked up another filter by GE - in case newer ones/another brand allows the caller ID to come thru.

If not I might just see what's on amazon and order from there. Should be here w/in a few days then. I have 2 books to order anyway.

or does anyone think it's ok to / possible to run a phone wire along side of the satellite cable - thru the hole they put in the siding?

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guess WHAT??? I'm connected to internet AND phone w/NO noise in the phone and if anyone calls me I'll be able to see if the caller ID works!

I found the instructions (online) for the dsl filter my sister gave me and there was trick to connecting it. I did that and it still wouldn't stay in that jack! BUT a light bulb went off as I wondered why there was another 'plug in' place on the front of it. So I went to my trusty plastic drawer where I'd been putting all phone cords and parts, got out an extra connection cord. plugged it into the dsl filter, plugged the other end of it into the jack, plugged in the modem and the phone on the sides of it and they BOTH work!

It just hangs down on the floor - but I think I can velcro it to the jack to keep it off of the floor.

YES! at least 1 thing I attempted to do in the past 24 hrs worked out!

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Have not read entire thread so forgive me if I am suggesting/asking stuff already covered.
Not sure what area you are in but do you have good cell coverage? Could you do without a landline? Can you get internet thru satellite or cable? When I had small kids I would not give up landline in case of 911 emergencies. When they got to where I thought they could accurately report address I dropped landline and we all have cells as well as an emergency cell that is pay as you go. It is charged and sits in kitchen.
Also a couple years ago our area allowed us to voluntarily register our cell numbers with our address. I have since made 911 calls and they asked are you calling from home and able to then connect us to our address.
I know that I really like the savings!
Best of luck in your new home.
Again, if you have small kids the cheapest landline might be a good idea.
Maybe this really isn't about what you are asking but just my thoughts.

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actually, it was more about connecting the 2 on 1 phone line and the noise interference from the dsl on the phone.

I do appreciate your input tho. I live way out in the desert at the foot of a small mountain range so cell use is iffy.

I do keep the landline for emergencies - it isn't cheap here! of course, it also includes my internet svc and I do get free long distance with it. I have a pay as you go cell that I use when I'm out in the car - or will again once i put some more time on it! My sister gave me her lovely prev used cell phone and I've wished I could find a pay as you go svc that would let me use it. I have trac phone svc now and they only let you use their phones. It's really cheap tho - I can get by with maybe 10.00 a month or even less on it.

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Steph - Did your sister use the cell phone with either AT&T or T-Mobile? If so, you can use it as pay as you go. Otherwise, you have to buy a phone, but it could be a used one, and then get the pay as you go SIM card.

Glad to hear you got the phone and internet working at the same time. Those filters make a big difference.

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She's used verizon for as long back as i can remember.

I recently got a new SIM card for the trac phone - would that work w/ another provider and her phone?

I just got a call in and could see the calling # - yea! I got one earlier but couldn't see the number. Then I thought about the batteries... I'd just put new ones in my camera so I put 3 of the old ones from it in the phone. Maybe the batteries were too weak to show caller ID? The batteries were getting weak on my camera but still worked. No more new batteries here, so I'll have to put them on my list. I put my new ones in my flashlight and the camera - all 8 of 'em.

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Sorry, Verizon doesn't use SIM cards.

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thx dekeoboe. I really don't even know what a SIM card is... other than that thing they sent me to put in my trac phone - lol!

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