Painted pillow

luvstocraftJanuary 4, 2009

Here's a picture of a painted pillow. I painted several panels and a friend quilted them so we could make pillows for gifts a few years back. Ran across this one while packing up my decorations and don't think I've shared it before. Luvs

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Your pillow is darling. But then I love angels, pink and burgundy so it's my thing with my colors. Yeah What a neat project that you and a friend came up with. Do you still have this friend close by and do you still create together?

Oh I forgot to tell you I loved it when I read your thought for the Stop sign (Stop in the name of Love). How cute. What are you painting on now? I'm still working on my stockings but it will be a few days before I'll be posting. I started a little bear sign but I want to finish the stockings first.

I'm still working on taking down all my Christmas decorations. I definitely decorate to much inside and outside. One of my friends had to come out the other day and bring me candy so she could see all of my decorations before I took them down. I love it but it is alot of work.
I just realized I didn't take any pictures of the Christmas decorations last year. Guess I was to busy painting and my camera gave up on me at the wrong time.

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Luvs, what a cute idea. Our chapter is planning to paint quilt squares this year for our fund raiser. We plan for it to be lighthouses and of course the beach.

I am also working at taking down my decorations, of course I have to wait until after tomorrow - Three King's Day - to take down the tree. That is when Christmas officially ends for us.

I am always so glad to see everyone's paintings, keep them coming.

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I don't remember seeing this before. It's very pretty. Did you use fabric paint? You did a good job paintin it. Everything looks nice and smooth. Was it very hard? Any tips? ~Anj

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It's so good to hear that everyone is still working on projects. I'm hoping we will be able to keep our forum active and fun, but know that life often gets in the way of our "play" time. LOL

Phonegirl, I'm glad you liked my little saying--just seemed to go with the stop sign and Valentine's theme! ;o)

I need to run out and cut a few wood pieces today so I can take them along on our trip. I also have several books folded open to projects I still want to get to soon--but haven't yet. Right now, my paints and brushes are just waiting to be used--but I'll be busy with other stuff!

Bebe, a painted lighthouse quilt will be beautiful. I'm attracted to lighthouse scenes too, and have earmarked many of them in my books and magazines. That will sure be something to see when it is finished! ;o)

Anj, you know me, always trying to be thrifty. I didn't go buy special fabric paints, I just bought the fabric painting medium and added it to my regular acrylic paints. I just put my acrylic on the palette, then stir in a bit of the fabric medium. My best tip would be to try to find one of the boards for painting shirts and tape your material to that. I've read that you can iron a piece of waxed paper to the back of the fabric so the paint won't bleed through but I've not tried that myself.

I've only painted these panels for the pillows--about six different ones, and a couple of sweat shirt fronts. I imagine some of these other painters have more experience and can give better advice.


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Darling! I think painting on fabric can be frustrating :(
Great job!

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