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renov8rMay 17, 2013

I am planning our kitchen renovation. We will be removing our desk area in the new plan but would like to have a small space, preferably hidden for our paper work. There are no kids at home anymore but my dh still needs someplace to keep a few files, area for bills, our printer, phone and any mail that needs to be saved We have a laptop and so can easily use the kitchen table for that and for any writing etc. I would like the area hidden if possible. I will be having a pantry cupboard which could be partly used for these things. Do any of you have ideas/photos to share?

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I'm doing essentially the same thing, minus the printer (though it would work in my space).

I'm having my electrician put two outlets in a pantry cabinet that is 20" deep. I'll use it for a charging station, plus cubbies for receipts, unpaid bills, scratch paper, etc. In our house, a portion of the space will be dedicated to dog supplies (heartworm pills, treats, nail clipper).

I'll put a bulletin board on a side wall, and a calendar inside the door. The cabinetry will include 2 file drawers, and shallow drawers for pens, stamps, scissors, etc.

Like you, I sit at the table to do paperwork, so I don't need a sit-down desk area.

I can't wait to get my messy desk behind closed doors!

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That sounds interesting. I would love to see a photo when you have it completed. Are you planning to have these shelves pull out? I also am intending the pantry to house our food as well, so only a small portion is going to the office.

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