Kitchen lighting plan: keep central flush mount?

SparklingWaterMay 12, 2013

Hello and Happy Mother's Day to all.

XP to lighting forum:
As our work commences soon, I wish to ask for your feedback on our kitchen lighting plan. The current plan is to remove a centered ceiling kitchen light and two eat-in pantry ceiling lights. All three ceiling lights align down the two rooms and offer diffuse task and path lighting.
Many GC's had advised replacing ceiling lights to both modernize the look of the remodel with the times as well as introduce for the first time recessed lighting: eight 4" recessed lights total: 3 along the sink-range run, 2 over the L wall cabinets at counter edge ( prior to the refrigerator itself), and 3 in the vicinity of the tall pantry cab (1) and at counter edge below glass cabs across from the pantry cab(2).

The "layers of light" are recessed lights, in-glass cabinet lights (4), under-cabinet lights (8) and an open-style chandelier (not light boxing) over eating space in front of the sold east window.

I have some reservations about removing the centered kitchen light. I'm not wild about recessed cans and won't dedicate them at this time to LED light solely. I want diffusion of light from our ceilings to offer path light. I'm okay with recessed diffused light in the tall pantry cab/near glass uppers (beverage center) without their being flush ceiling light.

Do you think I should keep or not keep a centered kitchen light, either flush or semi-flush to ceiling, to offer yet another layer of light and even form of light (incandescent)? What would you do?

Thank you for your comments: there is some sense of urgency here that I resolve this one persistent question.

Kitchen and eat in pantry:

Sink-range side:

L corner wall (I apologize, but PB will not orient it correctly today in spite of trying)

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In your case I do not think I would keep a central fixture in the kitchen proper, and just have recessed in the kitchen ceiling and the chandelier in the other space.

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I don't see where you could put it without crowding the ceiling and where it would make sense. I would not do it.

If you really wanted one, then don't put recessed lighting in the pantry area and put one there. If you do that then make sure it is in the same family as the chandelier so that there is a sense of cohesiveness in the space.

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Thank you for your kind responses. Lighting is my weakest area so I'm fine with the GC and yourself who suggest using recessed ceiling lights as overhead. I do understand a ceiling at 8'6" often yields a sense of being cramped above when hanging ceiling lights are used. Another decision made. :)

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